Wednesday 7 November 2012

Setbacks: Day 7 #NHBPM

Well it's Day 7 of NHBPM. Despite a back that still refuses to play ball I am attempting to keep chugging along. But not with a blog, because that would take brain cells and coordination. Things that are in low supply today. Today I give you a vlog.

Be amazed at the crazy woman on the video with little brain power but a lot of stubbornness. 

Can't sit up? That's no impediment to vlogging. 

Pain shooting down your butt cheek? Harden up Princess. 

Can't breathe. Only a wuss would stop her vlog to breathe.

Concentration and coherence no longer in residence? Why that's the perfect time to vlog.

I give you Setbacks (all puns intended).

Michelle :)

Day I: Why do I write about my health.
Day II: Find a quote and use it as inspiration.
Day III: I don't know about this, but I'd like to.
Day 4: A chronic handbag
Day 5: Health Activist Soapbox 
Day 6: And I've done my back, because it's not like I had anything else going on.

Love K D Lang, and the title of  this just seems the perfect choice.


  1. Well done on getting this up! I can relate a lot as I end up looking much like this when I've done my back or twisted my pelvis. Found what you said about speedy deconditioning very interesting as I'd never thought about it like that before but it's so true! A couple of down days can take away months of hard earned strength. I hope you feel a bit better today :) x

  2. Like me, you probably have loads of people making comments like: I was reading about [topic de jour] the other day, it sounded like your mystery illness. Or that other ol chestnut: I took [insert supplement de jour] and it cured me, you should try it.

    I don't know how to share this without turning into one of those well meaning but irritatingly helpful people.So I'm just going to post this and bugger off.


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