Monday 12 November 2012

Chronically Blogging Australia: Day 12 #NHBPM

Holy crap it's that time again, Day 12 of NHBPM. You'd think by now this would no longer be a surprise to me but nope. There's a reason I was dubbed Rusty Hoe by my family*. Like yesterday, I am breaking the rules and going off script. But it is for a good reason.

After chatting with a couple of fellow Australian bloggers yesterday about the lack of a central group dedicated to bloggers who write about their personal journey with chronic illness or disability (eg there are groups for food bloggers, fashion bloggers, parent bloggers etc). As such, we were spurred into action.

And Chronically Blogging Australians was born.

"A group for Australian bloggers with chronic illnesses and disabilities. The network is about sharing blogs, tips, resources and doing some challenges, rather than focusing on diagnoses/treatments/cures for illnesses and disabilities"

Myself, Carly  and Hayley are moderators. There is a both a FB page and group (currently a closed group) with plans for further expansion into other areas of social media and local events. Bear with us whilst we get things moving.

So this is a call for all the Australian's blogging away about their personal chronic illness or disability. Come and join us.

Michelle :)

* "I was named Rusty Hoe by my delightful family.  One night around the dinner table, we were discussing how I had devolved from the brains of the family to not the sharpest tool in the shed.  Mr Grumpy, decided that not only was I not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was the rusty hoe left out the back of the shed.  Whilst it took Mr Grumpy a while to catch on to what he had said, the monkey boys burst into fits of laughter at their father's faux pas.  What will be the salient moment my children will recall from their youth?  That their father called heir mother a 'hoe' at the dinner table."

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  1. How exciting! I will definitely be joining you guys :)

    1. Woo hoo! I was going to send you a link today in case you were interested.:)

  2. We inspire not but doing great things but just being the greatest you .... You fit that quote :)


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