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Awards and Nominations

Finalist 2012 Wego Health Health Activists Awards: Best in Show Blog

(2013) Nominated for the inaugural Brenda Gabe Leadership Award - Women with Disabilities Victoria.

(2014) Write-ability Fellowship Recipient


(19th Dec2014) No Limits TV: Blogging and Disability

Live Readings

(1st June 2014) Write-ability Salon, Emerging Writers Festival 2014

Book Chapters

(2013) Chapter 8 Grief and Dysautonomia: POTS - Together We Stand Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia 2nd Edition.


Lady Melbourne

(23 may 2011)  Shopping with Jo Blankfield and the Westfield Styling Session Winner

Precious Things

(27th April 2010) Thing People - Michelle's one little unassuming painting


Writers Victoria

(10th June 2014)  FUBAR

ABC Ramp Up (ABC News Network) Writers Victoria

Editor's Choice

21st November 2011 Sticks and stones: When the media perpetuates the myth

Featured Writer


(24th May 2011) Donkey Balls


Dysautonomia SOS: Searching Out Solutions.

(December 2012) Psychology and Dysautonomia A guide for medical professionals and patients in navigating the complexities of anxiety, depression, the Autonomic Nervous System and Dysautonomia.

12 More Pages

(8th September 2009) Grief and Dysautonomia
(16th September 2009) Mummy Dearest:  Being a mum with dysautonomia)
(27th September 2009) Serenity Now (Stress and dysautonomia)
(1st February 2010) Frankie Says Relax (Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Michelle)
(5th February 2010) Harley and Rose they just lost it for a while (Relationships and Dysautonomia)
(18th February 2010) What's for dinner mum?


(22nd March 2010) Michelle vs The Brain Fog
(25th March 2010) Perspective

Dysautonomia Connection

(18th April 2010) Grief 

Chronic Illness

Carolyn S Matheson: Thinking differently about chronic illness.

(6th May 2011) Waiting for the Storm