Friday 30 November 2012

Recap: 30 days of blogging for #NHBPM.

Well it's finally Day 30 of WEGOhealth's NHBPM. I've missed 8 days, but managed 22 which is way more than I thought I would. There was need for much in the way of Eye of the Tiger throughout the month. Writing everyday is exhausting, mentally and physically. And to be honest my health is not exactly conducive to taking on such a large challenge and definitely didn't play ball throughout this past month. But I am glad I took it on. Too often I shy away from a challenge for fear I'll fail, but I know I need to push myself more. I need to step outside my comfort zone and doing something like the 30 Blogs in 30 Days is a good kick in the pants.

It's good to have goals but also important to be kind to yourself so I decided not to beat myself up for not making the full 30. At least I gave it my best shot.

I've found some other great bloggers from around the world. And enjoyed feeling the sense of community that it generates. It really showed the commonalities of the chronic illness experience and that geography really makes no difference to the basic ways it impacts upon our lives. I think my Day 11 post Strength summed it up for me. I know in my own Dysautonomia community we are a strong bunch, but this month has shown me that it is a trait that really permeates all types of illnesses. We all have our ups and downs but we keep on taking that next step. There are some truly amazing people out there doing truly amazing things everyday.

As I wrote in Strength:

"The shared voice of this event has been raw and honest. Every person who has shared a little of their world has claimed their voice and all those collective voices roar. "

Keep on roaring, guys.

Michelle :)

Day I: Why do I write about my health.
Day 2: Find a quote and use it as inspiration.
Day 3: I don't know about this, but I'd like to.
Day 4: A chronic handbag.
Day 5: Health Activist Soapbox
Day 6: And I've done my back, because it's not like I had anything else going on.
Day 7: Setbacks. Vlog time.
Day 8: A letter to my health.
Day 9: No Blogging Day.
Day 10: Taking a little Time.
Day 11: Strength.
Day 12: Chronically Blogging Australia.
Day 13: Taboo.
Day 14: Favourite Blogs.
Day 15: No Blogging Day.
Day 16: How to be Alone.
Day 17: No Blogging Day.
Day 18: No Blogging Day.
Day 19: Advice for new Doctors and Nurses.
Day 20: No Blogging Day.
Day 21: Thankful despite the murk.
Day 22: Changes.
Day 23: Christmas suggestions for your favourite Dysautonomia patient.
Day 24: Rescue Pet Therapy: The rescuing goes both ways.
Day 25: "I told you I was ill". What happens to your blog/community when you die?
Day 26: No Blogging Day.
Day 27: No Blogging Day.
Day 28: No Blogging Day.
Day 29: Unexpected Blessings.
Day 30: Recap.

A little something for everyone who took part in this event, either writing or reading. 

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  1. I so enjoy your blog, in fact it is the second thing I look at in the morning right after reading my hubby's daily love letter. I can relate to almost everything you write about and I really appreciate your sense of humor. You so inspire me that I think I might begin my own blog. Very scary for me as I am quite computer challenged. Right now I'm just in the stages of organizing and coming up with some topics. Writing about what I am going through really helps, as you said in your first of thirty blogs "Why do I Write About My Health" it is very cathartic. Even if I never start a blog or "publish" anything, just know that you are a big part of my inspiration. Keep on keeping on :)


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