Thursday 15 November 2012

Favourite Blogs: Day 14 #NHBPM

Oh dear lord it's late here in Australia. Way past my bedtime and definitely past my brain time. I'm taking one of the alternative topics for Day 14. This time

My Favourite Blogs.

I do read a lot of other chronic illness and health blogs. Some I have read for many years now. Blogging friends from around the world who's stories and lives I love to catch up on.

But when I think of the blogs that are my go to read on on a Sunday morning or when I am stuck in bed, most have nothing to do with illness. Times like that I need to escape my world and embrace beautiful things and humour.

Vintage Fashion. 

Chronically Vintage: Lovely Canadian blogger Jessica is a fellow patient, but more importantly she has as amazing vintage blog which I adore. Between her fantastic outfits and her lovely writing, her blog is always a pleasure. Loving her vintage recipes. Although the ingredients are slightly different thanks to the whole international difference, they always remind me of the way my grandmother used to cook and a Country Women's Association cookbook I have with dishes from the 40's. Check out this amazing post she did on wearing vintage clothing when chronically ill or you have special needs. Just brilliant. I think that was the first post that sent me her way (via a recommendation from Brittany at Va Voom Vintage: see below) and I've been reading ever since.

Esme and the Laneway: I've been reading local Australian blogger Marianne's blog for a long time now. Her blog is filled with beautiful pictures and it really is a visual feast. Her combination of vintage fashion with modern pieces like her wedge heels are always perfect and she, like her blog, always look gorgeous. I was lucky enough to win a prize on her blog earlier this year and took a stab at doing my own fashion post and she was kind enough not to laugh, so she'll always be a favourite.

Super Kawaii Mama: I was lucky enough to meet Candice De Ville this year when Mr Grumpy and the boys brought me a ticket to her class at a local vintage show. Candice is another Melbourne girl and I have followed her blog for a few years now. She has an amazing vintage style and her knowledge about the genre is phenomenal. Her course was fantastic and if you ever have a chance to go to one I'd definitely recommend it. I was just a tad excited to meet her and even more excited that I managed to get a vintage fan girl picture with her.

Va Voom Vintage: Brittany is an American blogger. Her blog is a fantastic educational tool as well as vintage treasure. If you want to know about how to tell true Bakelite (and I do as I love Bakelite jewellery) from reproduction or how to care for you vintage garments, she's your girl. I really love that once a week she dedicates a post to a style icon (this week Grace Kelley).


Lady Melbourne: I've followed Phoebe's blog for years. Pretty much since I ever started reading blogs. Phoebe has a background in fashion and journalism and has become a style icon here in Australia. What first attracted me to her blog was her insight into local Melbourne fashion introducing me to a host of previously unknown designers. She's also a really lovely person as I discovered when I was lucky to win a shopping spree with her last year. I love her style, where she flows from vintage op shop pieces to designer wears, to create a style that is uniquely hers. lovely local Melbournian Cecylia is vet by day fashionista by, well day and night. Like Phoebe above her style is her own and it's fabulous. Again she mixes a range of pieces that I would never have thought to put together and makes it work. Cecylia like all the other fashion bloggers I have mentioned is lovely, and I think that comes through in all the blogs and probably why she and the others are on my favourites list.

Design Inspiration.

Poppy Talk: I have no idea how to really categorise this Canadian blog. All I know is that I love all the images and styles they show. It has been a source of great inspiration for how I want to style my home and future craft projects. Well worth a look.


Dakota D: I stumbled across Dakota's photography blog last year and have been reading ever since. It is filled with beautiful photos from around the world, from his time in Europe and back to his native New Zealand. It is simply beautiful and a real delight to read through.

Humour with added extras.

BugginWord: I have read Elly's blog for years now. She is lovely, she is funny, she likes show tunes, ukeleles and glittery unicorns. She is often irreverent and NSFW but she is also touching and lovely. She also sang me a ukelele song (below) when I was sick in hospital and sent me Kenneth Kazoo all the way from the US so I'll always love her. She's one of the few people I can honestly say I would love to sit and have a coffee (or a wine or three) with some time, you know if I'm ever in Jersey or she happens to be in The Land Down Under.

Pajamas and Coffee: I've been reading Mary since way back when. It's always strange to find someone on the other side of the world with a sense of humour similar to your own. Self-deprecating, oversharing (you should read about the run in between her lady bits and a jelly fish) and irreverant I kinda like that.

Alfred Lives Here: Brahm is officially my favourite Canadian, dog loving, gay blogger. Whether it's pop culture, gay rights or pictures of Alfie the super cute canine you can't go past Alfred Lives Here. Again I've been reading Brahm's blog for years (I think I may have found him through Pajamas and Coffee from memory). Plus he's a great guy who understands my own love of my four footed family members.

So there you go a few of my favourite blogs. In all cases it is not just the blogs but their owners that make them special. They are a great bunch of people.

Michelle :)

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  1. Thanks for including Alfie (and me)... love your blog too, and have some new ones to check out now!


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