Wednesday 28 April 2010

Precious Things

I'm honoured to have been interviewed by the lovely Ruth, from Precious Things this week.  Ruth's blog explores the meaning of the everyday object.  As she says:

"I am a sociologist who is fascinated by everyday objects: the beautiful, the ordinary, the unusual. From humble teacups to abandoned chairs, I'm trying to work out exactly why these things matter. Why do we love or loathe them? And what can only our most precious possessions tell us?"

Proof that I can occasionally act like an adult can be found here.

Michelle :)


  1. More talent! I need a lie down. I hope you consider making time for more artwork, I imagine particularly if one is good at it its therapeutic. Mind you I always start off with great intentions with hobbies thats why I have a cupboard full of wool!

  2. Achelois - I have lots of 'to do' projects sitting around too. I do try to at least sketch what I would like to paint but as much as I love it, it can be really hard and frustrating at times. Especially when my arm decides to fling the paint filled brush across the room.


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