Sunday 25 April 2010

Fabulous Fridays: Bedazzling My World One Day At A Time.

Being chronically ill can kinda rain on your parade.  I'm talking the monsoonal, flooding, keep an eye out for The Ark, kind of rain.  So I've made a decision.  Probably not a good decision as it was made about 3am this morning when I was contemplating the myriad of ways I could BBQ my dogs, who kept crying at my bedroom door because one of them was on the other's bed and they wanted me to get them off.  So if this goes horribly wrong (think the decision to make Speed II or the Star Wars prequels) I am blaming my dog induced sleep deprived psychosis.

So what's the plan you ask?  Well I'm going to pop my umbrella, put on my gumboots, and demand a colourful fabulous, Sydney Mardi Gra, kinda parade, for one day every week.  I want sequins and feather boas.  I want drag queens with better cheek bones and tighter buns than I could ever dream of, and perilously high, stilettos.  I want sparklers and fireworks, disco balls, strobe lights and infectious electro-samba beats.  I am over viewing the world through a big pair of nard coloured glasses, well for 1 day out of every 7 anyway.

So I am starting a new section on my blog, Fabulous FridaysFabulous Fridays will be a Bob-free zone.  No woe is me, no glass half empty, no sitting sobbing in the corner, drowning my sorrows in a block, or 6, of Green & Blacks.  I am going to give myself a big can of Harden Up Princess, and staple some rose coloured glasses to my pasty face.

Fabulous Fridays will be dedicated to the good things in life.  I am going to delve into the old dusty box of craft supplies under the stairs, and Bedazzle the crap out of my life for one day a week.  There may be moments of fluff, there may be moments of mindless insanity, and there may be moments of touchy feely, for which I apologise in advance.  I have no real idea what will end up on the list but damn it I'm going to be annoying perky girl one day a week, even if it kills me, and it just might.  I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to perky, (even my boobs have formed an anti-perky movement), so I'll have my trusty Epipen sitting right next to the keyboard in case my head decides to impersonate the Good Year blimp at the first sign of a positive attitude.

My new Friday motto is "Don't be dull. Be Bedazzling".

So put on your sequins, grab your rhinestones, and tune in next Friday. Prepare to be Bedazzled, and probably bewildered, befuddled, and be-what-thed?. 

The Bedazzling Michelle :)


  1. A routine day without sickness venting is a great idea! I'm completely with you on the sequins and boas for your parade thing, but heels? My oh my!

  2. I am hereby putting on my Dame Edna glasses, rewatching Priscilla and cranking up the Wham, Beegees and Queen CDs in preparation ;)

  3. Loveable - sequins and feather boas make everything better. My plan is to pop on my favourite sparkly heels, I'm sure they'll offset my flannel pjs perfectly.

    Sunburnt - I love me some Priscilla. Love, love, love your play list :)

  4. Great idea, love it! And looking forward to the sequins and feather boa... that has got to make everyone smile!

  5. I think this is a fantastic idea. Nipple pasties swith tassels, anyone??

  6. You go girl. Now, if we could all just put some jump into our suits, the world would be a more bouncy place. Ya get me?

  7. I wonder what day that will mean I will get to share it. I am rubbish at time zone changes.

    On a boring pacing front, ideally you should do this once a day for an hour, not all day once a week. ouch... sorry.

    Having managed to get up once in 24 hours I totally get this idea.

  8. Brahm - Sequins and feather boas are so the cure for what ails you :)

    Lucy - thanks babe.

    OWO - have you peaked in my draft folder???

    Katicrackernuts - I think you should Bedazzel your jump suit ;)

    Achelois - time zones, crap I didn't think of that. Lets just say Fabulous Fridays are simply a state of mind, that way I don't have to go all Mr Spock and discuss the space time continuum or why pointy ears make you a sex-god.


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