Sunday, 4 April 2010

An Experience of Elegance and Lingering Pleasure.

Happy Easter dear readers.

I have been searching high and low for an appropriate Easter pressie for you all to say thanks for reading.  I have forced myself to eat copious amounts of chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and chickens in hopes of finding the perfect little chocolatey treat for you all.  I have eaten more hotcross buns than should be humanly possible; traditional, mocha, chocolate, fruit-free, and even taste gluten-free.  I have sacrificed my hips and increased my blood sugars to dangerous levels, all in the quest to find you the perfect gift.

All of this hard work made me rather thirsty, and that was when I had an epipheny.  I opened our special parental cabinet, reached for a bottle of mummies little helper and there it was.  The perfect Easter gift.

Aesthetically, pure brilliance,

A cacophony of retro chic,

Combines two of my greatest loves, and

Technically, it's medicinal.
I give you Kellermeister, Sable. Port for the descerning consumer in search of "elegance and lingering pleasure".

(You may note in the background that the couch cushion is looking a little worst for wear.  It could have something to do with Feyja's payback for making her wear a birthday hat).

(Take the hat off me stupid woman.  It's my damn birthday.  You really need to get out of the house more.)

The label alone, makes it worth purchasing a bottle.  I love the tribute to 70's glamour.  The porn mo on the guy is perfection.  You can just hear the bom chiki wa wa, in the background combined with witty discussions of pool maintenace techniques.  The lovely tones of brown, brown and more brown, that scream 70's. Tis a thing of beauty and joy.

At the end of a long day what could be better than a tipple, or 3, of port in front of an open fire?  How about a port stepped with dark German chocolate? If that doesn't scream Easter joy I don't know what does.  The blurb on the back even suggests that you enjoy it with more chocolate.  If only the Easter bunny would leave a little basket of these bottles next to my bed.

Perhaps best of all you can consume your tipple in full knowledge that it is essentially a very palettable version of the multi-vitamin.  Anti-oxidants, potassium, what more could you want.  Apparently chocolate is good for your blood vessels and has mild anti-depressant effects.  A glass of wine is said to  make your heart stronger and boost your memory.  There is even a study that states that women who drank moderately (one drink per day) gained less weight than women who abstained.  Woo Hoo!  It's an Easter miracle.

So there you go.  Beautiful to look at and good for your health.  The perfect Easter gift. 

So a happy Easter to you all. 

I will have a tipple in your honour, whilst I sit back in my paisley bell bottoms and cork wedges, put on the Bee Gees, and have an "experience in elegance and lingering pleasure".

Michelle :)


  1. Happy Easter. I'll drink to that :P

  2. Nothing says Easter like chocolate goodness, the Bee Gees and hot cross buns. I think you've possibly discovered the formula for world peace!

    Jesus H. Hot cross buns. I love those sticky little cinnamony buggers.

  3. The Bee Gees!?

    Yet I'm listening & lovin' it.

  4. Love the look on that desperate dog's face :-)

  5. Grumblebot - Hope you had a great Easter.

    Veg - World Peace here we come. Who said I'd never achieve anything sitting on my arse in my pjs. Off to the UN I go.

    Ginny - never never mock the Bee Gee's, they are disco Gods.

    Elie - She often gives me that look. Every birthday photo has her looking at me like I'm a mad woman and she's pleading for someone to come and save her.

  6. I know. I got the same desperate look from my wiener dog every Christmas. Apparently, she didn't find the red ribbon tied around her neck equally cute as I did.


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