Monday 31 August 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor II

Bob and the White Rabbit update:

Ok have started a new med. As if my Maraca wasn't big enough, now I need to buy the jumbo size. This one is a doozie. I get to increase the dose each week for 6 weeks till I get an extra 18 tabs a day. Woo Hoo!!!

Side effects (already) include vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Most noteworthy information regarding this med is that it is implicated in Gulf War Syndrome. But on a brighter note I am more likely to survive a nerve gas attack should one occur in my living room. Now there's a bonus you don't hear every day!

And when that's all over I get to add another. Woo Hoo again!!!! Can I have the rough end of the pineapple pleaseeeeee......

As a result Bob posts may be reduced over the coming weeks.

Superwoman aka Michelle:)

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and move faster than a speeding bullet to make it to my porcelain lover in time. Though I wish his cologne was something other than pine fresh. Would it really be wrong of me to pour my husbands cologne in the loo instead???


  1. a friend of mine uses Tang as a toilet bowl cleaner - smells better than pine? I just might try it. Apparently you can even leave the juice in their over night - the citric acid does the cleaning for you. so I hear anyway.

    sorry to hear about all the scary side effects. i hate having to constantly be adding new meds to my mix too.

  2. Ok Niqi I have not heard that one before. I haven't had tang since I was a kid. Makes you worry what it did to our insides if it can clean the loo to!

  3. Ok my tip for the day. Peppermint oil. Supposed to help with nausea anyway and it makes the loo smell way better. :)


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