Tuesday 7 August 2012

The View From my Couch: Winter Sun.

So tired at the moment. Fatigue has come to bite me big time. Thinking, standing, breathing is all so effortful. The idea of washing my hair or even simply holding a conversation is overwhelming. I guess that's what happens when you heart decides to slow down to the 40s. It seems that puts a bit of a cramp in my style. A heart that goes blah......blah......blah is not all that useful on the energy front.

But today was a lovely Winter's day here in Melbourne. Little spots of sunlight falling through the thick tree canopy in our yard. When it's been so dark and dreary those little spots of light are truly beautiful. The season is changing and slowly the plants are awakening. Little blooms sprinkled all around the yard. I don't even know what these are called, but the little bonnets glow when the small shafts of sunlight fall on them. The smell of the Daphne is everywhere on the breeze at the moment making everything just a little easier.

I've always been drawn to forests and the earth. Maybe it's a Taurean thing, but they have always been my place of peace. Even when I meditate I visualise being in a forest. Lying on the ground looking up at the dappled sunlight trickling through the trees above. The smell of the earth and growing things filling my lungs. And so it is with where I live. On the edge of a temperate rainforest, complete with loamy earth and a multitude of ferns and mountain ash. An explosion of vibrant green and birdsong. Life and peace all rolled into one.

Tired or not, sitting in my backyard listening to the magpies warble and seeing those little spots of light and colour revives the spirit. I need to make an effort to sit outside more often. Just to sit in silence and soak in the life force that is beginning to hum in our garden once more. It may not soothe my body but it certainly soothes my soul.

Simple pleasures are desperately needed when life is so complex and overwhelming.

Michelle :)


  1. I agree wholeheartedly, twinnie!

  2. Thank you for transporting me to your paradise for a bit. Beautiful, and so glad that you can find silence in that beautiful place. Simple pleasures, indeed.
    Some more sunshine for you ☼

    1. Hey Gangsta. It is a lovely spot. So glad you could visit even in the virtual sense :)

  3. Hi Michelle (aka - Loretta ... just read your About section. ) made my way over via Mary at Hope Filled Living ... Life has away of happening when we have it all planned out.... and sending us off on a detour. You are stronger than you think... You go girl!!! hugs, HHL


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