Sunday 19 August 2012


Just a quick post to say I'm home from hospital finally. It's been a long week and whilst I'll blog a bit more about it all, suffice to say for now, I'm beyond exhausted and in a fair bit of pain. Hopefully it'll slowly blow over but till them a huge thanks to everyone for their well wishes, prayers, finger crossing and the works. It definitely helps to know that there are so many wonderful and caring people supporting me through it all. The beauty of social media that means there is a support network at your finger tips to commiserate, bump you up or make you laugh when you need it most, cannot be underestimated. So I'll be keeping an eye on my own little lodestar, whilst I try to get on board with this whole recovery process.

Till then, may you all have a symptom minimal day filled with love and laughter.
Michelle xx

And just because it made my geekness smile I leave you with this (Thanks Claire :) ).


  1. Feel better soon Michelle!! ((hugs))

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Praying that you will feel better soon. I received your package in the mail a day or so ago and it is so beautiful! ...and so very much appreciated. I will post on it tonight or tomorrow. It meant a great deal and my daughter, who has dysautonomia will be so very excited about the beautiful POTS earrings. I have been down for sometime with a strep infection that won't go away and has now turned into mono. Feeling so sick that I have not been on the computer much.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Been reading your blogs since April which was 1 mo. b4 my hard-won, bitterly eventual diagnosis of POTS. i feel u, honey. I get your humor, your pain, pessimism, and geekness-quotient. I delight in seeing Jean-Luc inadvertently looking for maha-jurowhn! Take your time summing up your findings from your expensive yet painful hotel stay! Let it all sink in...All the best from Chicagoland, Lou

    2. Hope you are feeling much better by now Mary. Strep is never fun. I'm glad your daughter likes the prize. To be honest hearing how much everyone enjoyed their prizes has really made my day. It's nice to be able to spread so joy around the world even in a small way. xx

    3. Welcome Lou I love that you understand the geekness-quotient. It is those things that get us through the quagmire. :)

  3. Love the pic!

    Sending all my healing and non pain vibes your way x


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