Saturday 25 August 2012

Some days you can either cry into your pillow, or you can be Batman.

Okay so maybe I'm not coping so well with all these health shenanigans. I'm a week out of hospital now and still a mess.

Those who followed on FB will know my week of hospital testing was not the smoothest of runs. Rather than bore you with it all, here's a quick synopsis.

  • I left 3kgs lighter thanks to food services who couldn't cope with my dietary intolerance and allergy issues. Fasting each day for a repeatedly cancelled MRI didn't help matters along either.
  • When I finally went for my MRI I discovered that medazelam doesn't work on me. Survived thanks to many tears and "So Humming" the hell out of my meditation techniques. 
  • A post-op heart attack scare which led to an unplanned night with my roomie Lois, who thought an Islander christening was going on behind the curtain next to her bed. All. Night. Long. 
  • Another discovery that despite a bright red hospital wristband and personally speaking to the neurosurgeon, anaesthetist and head nurse during pre-op, you still wake up covered in bright red welts from the adhesives you told them you were allergic to, but they used anyway. 
  • And then there's that bucket load of pain thanks to three large incisions in my leg and belly.

Now one week later I am stuck in bed with an infected ankle (sural nerve biopsy) incision, widespread numbness (expected) and spots of near permanent electric shocks (not so expected, or fun). My thigh (open muscle biopsy) still black, with new and exciting levels of bruising coming out. tearing of the wound when I move, plus electric shocks radiating from the site (again, this does not fall high on the fun metre). And a stomach (fat biopsy) incision that, like the other two, refuses to heal.

To add insult to injury I missed my son's 18th birthday dinner last night so now I feel like a super shit mum to boot. A tear or two may have been shed into my pillow last night.

Of course I am dealing with all this in the most mature way.

Conversation with youngest son today:

Me: I'm staying in the Batcave today, Bud.
Son: Why don't you put on [other son's] Batman costume and we can take pictures?
Me: Why not?

And the result?

Some days you can either cry into your pillow, or you can be Batman.

Today, "I'm Batman".

Michelle :)

PS I'd like to say it's Alfred's day off, but really my bedroom hasn't been cleaned in a long time.
PPS I have discovered that having a bedroom where every wall, ceiling, carpet and fixtures are 80's salmon pink is not really conducive to healing or my mental health. If I start writing REDRUM all over the blog, blame the salmon colour scheme. The 80's really do have a lot to answer for.


  1. YAY! You are BATMAN... love it!

    Tough going for you, sending warm thoughts your way!

    1. Thanks Brahm. The things we do to amuse ourselves, hey ;)

  2. Wearing a Batman suit in bed... now THAT is kinky!!

    I hope you are on the mend.


    1. Mr Grumpy was a little disappointed it wasn't Cat Woman. ;)

  3. Hahahahaa!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!! I strongly admire your ability to remain humorous in such a terrible situation.

    I say get a Wonder Woman costume for next time - because THAT, my friend, you truly are!!!

    1. Thanks Anon. Some days you just have to laugh. Plus this made my youngest smile and giggle, rather than him wearing his worried face all the time.

  4. now those pictures are good.
    The hospital fallout so not
    But as anon has already said.
    You are Wondewoman to even manage to retain your sense of humour.
    Happy 18th to son. I suggest a 2nd meal held in your room where you get to wear your Dorothy shoes Xxx

    1. Thanks Achelois. Yeah not so happy with the whole post hospital malarky. All I can hope now is that it's all been worth it and I'll finally get some clear answers as to why my body continues to implode. Hope things are okay on your end xx

  5. You are one funny lady! I appreciate it.

  6. I am beginning to wonder if the wacky dry sense of humor is actually a symptom of dysautonomia.... I have worked with many people with various neurological disorders etc and after reading yours and many other dysautonomia blogs...I am beginning to wonder if adrenalin imbalance effects the limbic system and our basic flight or fight becomes impaired....

    CFS MS MD people get depressed listless... Dysautonomia people have instability like a perpetual yoyo's.... But there is a strange mentality that kicks in... It is like the
    Imbalance causes a coping surge that combines strength and humor rises out of exhaustion....

    Or it just brings out the batman superhero in us.... Yep can you tell I am bedridden with Dys at the moment.....

    Thanks batman your cape crusade saves me from the abbis Again I smile

    Thanks for your awesome encouragement.....

    You bring me great peace...

    It is great to smile for real... Every part hurts

    Here's looking at you batman

    1. Thanks Anon. Personally I like to think there's a little bit of Batman in all of us. You really need to be a superhero to get through this mess. :)

  7. Now THAT'S a mantra I can get behind! I'll try to remember that next time I'm relegated to the Batcave... seeing as how the hubby already had a random Bat-mask lying around his apartment by the time I came along. Too bad the ex-roomie took his Viking helmet with him when he moved... I could be Viking Batman! Hell yes!


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