Monday 26 March 2012

Teen POTS and the case of the missing hand.

It's teen time here on the blog today. As all us old fogeys take our nanna naps, fellow Aussie, Rhinane, brings some of her youthful exuberance over to guest post. Okay, okay, I may be the oldest foggy here. And yes I can see 40 looming in the distance. But 15 seems very young, and 38 *cough* almost 39 *cough* correspondingly very ancient, to this old biddy, especially when my youngest is 14! Whilst I sit here sucking on my butterscotch lollies, reminiscing about "in my day..." whilst yelling at the neighbourhood kids to get off my lawn, I'll let Rhianne introduce herself.

"My name is Rhianne and I am a 15 year old with POTS, dysphagia, vasalva induced syncope and myclonic jerks. I blog over at I try to live each day to the max because you are only a teenager once!"
Teen POTS and the case of the missing hand

One time... I lost my hand. It was the scariest minute of my entire life. Yes, it beats the lethal weapon at Movieworld.

Anyway, it was a real brainfoggy sort of day. I was doing schoolwork (I was home bound at this stage) and I was doing financial maths. I had to google there is seven days in a week. Then when I counted them and got to Friday, I freaked out. Where was my other hand?

Luckily, I eventually found my other hand. (Who ever would have guessed I was using it to count my fingers on my left hand with?) That is just one of the many situation that POTS has put me in. My constant brainfog provides me with constant entertainment.

This is me. My name is Rhianne and have been diagnosed with POTS since March of last year. I am fifteen, in year 11 and have a score of 13.8 million on temple run (just in case you're wondering). I run the blog

Being a teen potsy isn't all doom and gloom though, I can colour coordinate my limbs with my purple converse boots.

Well I must admit, it isn't an exact match but teamed with an emerald school skirt with black full length skins, it is a great look. I should walk around with a ghetto blaster blaring LMFAOs "I'm sexy and I know it" because if anyone can rock that look, it would be me.

School also provides many more challenges (besides the whole wardrobe challenge), stairs, homework and the fact my friend love calling me Pothead. The last one is always awkward, especially when they love calling things out "like hey Pothead!" across the playground and people look around and find me the recipient is me.

After dealing with POTS symptoms for almost three years, I am learning to deal with symptoms better and better. And in the words of Elton John I'm still standing better then I ever did, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.



  1. Gorgeous blog! Good luck to you Rhianne, I hope all goes well in school. I admire all teens with POTS. You have so much to deal with at your age. Your peers wouldn't know the half of it.

  2. Great work, Rhianne! I really love that you put a lighter edge to your blog. Hang in there - you are truly amazing!

  3. Rhianne's mum here, love your post sweetie. This disease is horrible but sometimes amusing. You have to laugh or you will cry.

  4. Rhianne-You are quite amazing!!

  5. Enjoyed your POTSy humor. Your mom is right, "You have to laugh or you will cry."

  6. Hey it's Emma from Chicago, USA. Great blog, girl, keep writing! I will be stalking around for some tips all POTSies can use. I was diagnosed at 18 and am now 21...things have gotten a lot better in that time. Keep in touch - i'll be back! :-)

  7. You rock. Ur attitude has actually helped me tonight. I am the big 40 and have pots. Dealt with it forever. Last month I started having myclonic jerks. Went to a neurologist and my primary care physician. He told me today as I was sitting on his table jerking uncontrollable with my purple feet hanging and a resting heart rate of 123 that the jerking and joint pain and muscle pain and the lace like rash all over my body was all in my head and has prescribed klonopin and an anti depressant. But I'm still standing. Took a little fall today but hey we all trip every now and then. Now its time to find someone who will actually listen to me instead of thinking its all in my head ;) went through this over 10 years ago when they finally figured out it was "POTS" So like u I am a pothead too? if anyone can help!


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