Saturday 11 September 2010

Today I'm A Daisy: Raising Dysautonomia Awareness.

Hey all.  Today's post is just a quicky thanks to steady rumblings of approaching migraine and just a dash of apathy.

Next week 13th to 19th Sep 2010, is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week and Dysautonomia Awareness Week.  I wont bore you with tales of woe is me, or go on with a speal of "I am a health reject, let me tell you the ways".  Most of you are well aware of my dysfunctional relationship with Bob and his mates so I wont rehash it all.  In all honesty some days I bore myself with the details of my decrepitude.  If you want more info on Bob there are a list of resources over on the side. 

Today I have tried my hand at creating a video.  Well actually I created a power point presentation, then burst out into a long line of profanities as I realised I couldn't work out how to put it on either this blog or Youtube.  I really think I need to add "Luddite" to my list of disabilities. 

So following an adult tanty, rather a lot of pouting, and cursing the universe for being a spiteful bitch once more, I must say a huge thanks to Mr Grumpy.  Who, despite much swearing and threats of death to the computer, managed to transform my dodgy power point presentation into a movie format complete with audio.  Now that's love.

So without further ado, here's my feeble attempt at finding my happy place in amongst all the crap. 

Michelle :)


  1. As always I love it! I myself was just pounced upon by my nasty friend Migraine so i must go and find the power drill...

  2. Cyndi - glad you liked it. Migraine is a biatch and needs a good kicking. She's here again today and I am currently typing and reading with one eye closed. I think if we pool our resources we can put a hit out on her Sopranos style.


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