Monday 30 August 2010

A Word From Our Sponsor XIII

Just a quick update to allay those pesky rumours.  I am in the Land of the Living.  Well sort of.  If the Land of the Living comprises the carpet locked nation of my bed and the small colonial island known as my couch.  I have not decided to forsake all worldly possessions and move into a cave sans internet.  Though it is tempting.  I have not been so embarrassed by Australia's pathetic political situation that I am ashamed to show my keystrokes to the world.  It does however, leave me with a hollow feeling deep inside.  Nor have I been kidnapped by Johnny Depp and been forced to do his sexual bidding (although I would not be adverse to such a situation should he be reading.  Am willing to get on board with Stockholm Syndrome on day one.  Am also willing to provide own bath products to overcome his lack of personal hygiene should this situation occur).

No no.  Nothing so interesting.  Instead it's been a case of The Blargh invading once more, life becoming way too busy, visitors, and a continuing battle of wits with Blogger for which I am woefully under resourced.

For those who have taken time to comment, which is much appreciated, I am not being a biatch and ignoring you.  Blogger has decided to give me intermittent access to moderate my comments.  Sometimes it'll show them.  Sometimes it wont.  Some days it will show me comments from weeks ago and then they will simply disappear into the ether.  I often wonder if they have been sucked into the mystical realm of odd socks, all the packets of Christmas cards I buy on special in the after Christmas sales so I'll be prepared for next Christmas but never find when December rocks around again, the elusive weapons of mass destruction, and the Amelia Earhart.  It has also decided to delete three posts I had ready to post in my drafts folder (and no, I was not bright enough to save a copy elsewhere) and told me that my blog didn't exist even though I was staring at it in another tab.    I am determined to win this battle even if it kills me, and it just might.  Well that or at least tax Eunice to the point of no return.

(I have a feeling this guy is hanging out in my Blogger account and causing all the mischief. Maybe I need to take some tips from this instructional video on how to deal with him.)

Reading has also been a bit beyond old Eunice for a while now so my list of blogs to read is now getting to unassailable levels.  I manage one every now and then but that's about it.  I may have to toss my list in the bin and begin again when I can concentrate for more than two nanoseconds. 

Okay have been staring vaguely at the screen for about 10 mins now.  Time to end.  Hopefully I can soon send The Blargh packing, will win the war with Blogger, and put together enough coherent sentences to create a post.

Until then,

.... So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night,
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

So long, farewell, Au'voir, auf wiedersehen,
I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye,
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye,
Good bye .....

Ah, The Sound of Music, you do make everything better.  Will now drag my butt to my shower chair and break out in a breathtaking rendition of How do you solve a problem like Maria.



  1. Glad to hear you are still with us, although the Depp kidnap scenario doesn't sound bad.I was just reading your Dorothy shoe post, I'd been looking for some silver sparkly shoes when I remembered your fabulous red shoes. I am going to follow your instructions and hopefully have a glittery new pair of shoes, will pick up the wine on the way home and get started.

  2. I'm willing to kick the blargh's arse for you if it helps. Stupid Blargh. And it's funny your little gremlin pic because last night we watched Gremlins. First time I've seen it since I was a kid. Holy crap! I loved it then but was kind of annoyed by it now. Just like YOUR gremlin. It can just eff right off. BAH. I hope you feel better soon and are back in your stylin' vintage dress and heels like a proper lady. :)

  3. I know that feeling! I think the blargh will lift when the political pea-souper clears. Hope, anyway.

  4. ooohhhh...Johnny Depp! Maybe you be kidnapped and ravished!

  5. Hey Michelle,

    Glad to hear you're fine - was wondering where you'd disappeared to! There are certainly weeks when all of my limited concentration span is donated to life away from online life - completely understand where you're coming from.

  6. Good post, glad you are ok!

    And The Sound of Music pretty much makes everything better, doesn't it?

  7. Now I'm hesitant to comment if that hideous Gremlin is just going to eat me and poop me out later with some only semi-digested corn. At least I didn't waste time on a shower if this is the end for me...

  8. The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies. :)

    Hope you escape the blogging blues soon. I get them quite frequently.

  9. I'm so sorry you're feeling so terrible, Michelle. I wish you a fast recovery from the bowels of despair that POTS can bring! :) Thinking of you.

  10. Hey Mitch! Great to catch up on FB, or at least be 'friends online'! (Must increase my friends list!!!!) I'll keep abreast of info on bob in that I know the web address again. Keep on truckin'.
    Sal. xxxx

  11. Elizabeth - I'd love to see a picture of the shoes when you're finished. Glad you picked up the wine as that's the most important part of the method :)

  12. Veg - I'll take you up on the arse kicking offer as that Blargh has it coming. Dude that's a bizarre coincidence about Gremlins. I may need a port to cope.:0

    Om - thanks, hopefully that means it shouldn't last to much longer. Politics sorted and Blargh vanquished. Now that would be a good week. :)

  13. Emma - I'm up for a Johnny ravishing. It is a much more pleasant option.

    Sunburnt - yep sometimes you just have to withdraw and regroup. The Blogger technical difficulties was the last straw.

  14. Brahm - I love a musical and The Sound of Music is the queen of musicals.

    Buggin - don't fret I'll take care of the gremlin for you my friend. You will be free of the threat of semi-digested corn and excrement!

  15. OWO - see just another reason I like you. First New Kids on the Block and now Sound Of Music. You are a woman of class.

    Lauren - thanks so much. I'm digging my way out slowly. :)

  16. Sal - love that you are embracing the whole online thing. Now we need to work out a real world catch up ;)


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