Tuesday 8 September 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor IV

Bob is a bitch. Actually I think we've probably established that fact early on in the piece but now he's sent his henchmen around to mess with me I'm starting to get a little shitty. (Just realised my rather ironic use of words there!). God damn meds. I swear they are a bunch of double agents. Mata Hari!!! Oh yeah they are all on my side really they are, working to make my life a little bit better one piece at a time. But in reality they are plotting with Bob to crap on my life again!! Underhanded bastards! (Hmm sounding a little paranoid today probably not a good sign. May have to get that checked out. Could just be delirium from lack of sleep and sniffing all that toilet freshener, but you never know).

Ok I can cope with a lot of things but there's a point and I've decided to stick my heals in. Coffee. Yes that's right coffee. Coffee is making me want to vomit. What's next chocolate? Now that would be the ultimate cruelty. Well screw you Bob, I'm not going to let you win this one. I am going to finish my cup of coffee, and if it comes out my nostrils in 5 mins so be it. At least I will have held my ground and savoured every last drop of the rich, smooth flavour of my espresso if but for a few minutes. I will give no more ground. I will not retreat. You don't know who you're messing with buddy.

This means war!!!!!

Oh crap. Times up! Gotta run NOW! Damn you Bob. You win this round. But like MacArthur, "I shall return".

General Michelle :)

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