Wednesday 9 September 2009

12 More Pages Blogging

In my insanity I have agreed to guest blog for a US web based dysautonomia support group 12 More Pages. This is a fantastic web site (also on facebook and twitter) developed by Tyler Gurney, providing information about the latest research, hints and personal experiences about living with dysautonomia.

My blogs will be an attempt to give some helpful hints and the like, especially with regard to being a mum and wife living with Bob. I stress "attempt" I'm still a work in process myself so I'm hardly the poster child for the successful integration of life and illness.

My first blog is on there as of today titled "Grief and Dysautonomia".


On Website

For those who can't work out either I'll pop a copy on Bob, under 12 More Pages.

Now I finally have an answer to that hideous question "so what do you do?", where I normally answer "I'm ill so I stay at home" and then get "the look" and the "oh............".

Now I can say "Why I'm an internationally published author. Oh yeah, and trophy wife" (stop laughing David). Just realised I've developed a whole new delusion to keep Heidi company! Woo Hoo!!

Don't panic I'll still be Bobing along, I need to get out my insanity somewhere.

Michelle :)


  1. Hi,

    I just read your post on 'Bob'...I have something that seems like a cross between Bob and chronic fatigue syndrome (i.e. no-one know WHAT the hell it is!). A few years ago I wrote a piece about grief and chronic illness and I couldn't believe how similar the themes and ideas I discussed in my piece were to yours! I'm just starting a blog and thought I'd hunt out my old piece and post it on my blog today. I was just so struck by the similarity between your experience and mine...very interesting! Take care, you sound like a lovely and v intelligent person/trophy wife.


  2. Thanks Emma. I think we all have a lot in common, it's not until you put it out there that you realise how many people feel the same way. Good on you for popping it on your own blog I'll have to have a squiz.


    PS my brother in law has decided to call me an "international trophy wife" my own personal version of Austin Powers "International Man of Mystery" LOL


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