Wednesday 29 October 2014

Kali: Exploring Dysautonomia Through the Arts for Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2014

Today's submission for Exploring Dysautonomia Through the Arts come from Kali. I love the thought Kali has put into her creation. Her explanation of all the aspects of the piece and her use of salt in the creation are quite fabulous.

My name is Kali and I'm 16 years old. I was diagnosed with POTS abotu 2 years ago but I've been struggling with it most of my life.

For the Dysautonomia awareness month contest I created a painting. The painting symbolizes a lot of patients with any form of Dysautonomia, and the butterfly is actually the color for Dysautonomia, which is turquoise. I worked really hard on this painting, and my hands are actually covered in dye and paint (which will wash off in actually couple days), but it's the thought that counts really, the thought that shows that I worked on something that I truly believe in.

In my painting it displays a butterfly on a flower. This butterfly is a great symbol for me because a butterfly has gone through many changes through its life, it's struggled to get where it's at, it had to adapt. All butterflies are unique, like this one, such as all people with POTS or anyone with Dysautonomia are unique because they have different symptoms. Like my GI doctor says "I'm a complicated and unique case". The butterfly is actually made out of salt and food coloring because people with POTS have to increase there salt intake to help with retaining fluids, so salt is very important to my everyday life. Overall, my painting symbolizes who I am.   

Remember to head on over here to donate to my Clicking My Heels For Dysautonomia, raising money for the Greg Page Fund for Orthostatic Intolerance and Dysautonomia research, at The Baker IDI. Thanks to the generosity of many we've already raised over $3,400, keep donating and hopefully we can reach $10,000.

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  1. Wow! Talk about art imitating life. The butterfly was a good choice and I love the imaginative use of salt as a medium. Excellent painting!


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