Friday 13 September 2013

This week I rocked because.....Episode 5

It's that time of the week again and despite it being Friday the 13th I know there are a bazillion ways you rocked this past week. Things have been a little stressed over here at Chateau Rusty, hence my brain purge post yesterday. But I have not been deterred. In between moments of stress induced insanity, and a body that has decided that weakness is fun, I have managed to rock on and off. I put on my red glittery slippers and pulled out some rockstar moves. Because you can't keep a red glittered girl down.

This week I rocked because....
  • I managed vacuuming again. I know, I know, it's an exciting life I lead.
  • I had a shower, brushed my hair, and got dressed to see my neuro. All this was achieved despite feeling that I was really to keel over on the couch.
  • Mr Grumpy gave me two bunches of lovely flowers, one red roses and one Autumn toned ranunculi. I divided them into a number of smaller bunches and spread colour throughout the house. So lovely and they have lasted a full week.
  • I ordered a vintage styled magazine, Frankie, that I've wanted to subscribe to for ages. The first one arrived today and I am rather excited to sit down with a cuppa and read.
  • I have upped my pain meds with no side-effects except that I can stand on my feet without wanting to cry now. Woo Hoo!

So tell me, how have you rocked this week?

Feel free to share with anyone else who you think may benefit from recognising and celebrating, just how much they've rocked this past week.

Michelle :)

And a little bit of music to inspire you whilst you think of all the way you rocked this week. I'm back baby, no matter what my body throws at me!


  1. this week I cleaned my 15 year olds room and baked cookies

    1. Cleaning a teenagers room is beyond a rockstar effort, Anon. Having 2 teenage boys I know how rank their rooms can be :)

  2. This week I rocked because...
    -I did housework several days in a row
    -I worked 2 days and kicked ass, even though I was SO sick and in pain
    -I dyed my hair red, like I've been wanting to do for a while now, and it looks fantastic! (I'm a hot ginger, I must say.)
    -I have been honest and up front in several different situations with different people (all who love me) where I would have stuffed emotions and hidden the truth a year ago in an attempt not to make waves. I'm making huge progress in my emotional life!

    1. Sending a huge high five for all of your fantastic efforts, but particularly the emotional progress. I know that can be harder than the practical day-to-day things we need to overcome. xx

  3. This week I rocked because-
    - I made it to work every day and was a pretty good teacher despite feeling terrible
    - I'm staying strong and sticking to my exercise plan
    - I'm learning how to feel less guilt about being ill
    - chocolate. Lots of chocolate

    1. Go Anon!!! Less guilt is always a bonus. And well chocolate is brilliant in any book :)

  4. I rocked today as I just cooked sunday lunch: roast chook, two styles of tatties, three types of veg and yorkshire pudding, And i'd picked and 'stringed' the runner beans myself. The little bit I had tasted lovely, but was equally nice to see family enjoying it xxx Rock on one and all, speshly Michelle xx

    1. Woo Hoo Tricia, that sounds delicious. Roast chook is one of my favourites. :)

  5. This week I rocked because I used up all the leftovers awesomely (chicken = soup & sandwiches, pot roast - shepherd's pie). (So often a relapse means a lot of food ends up in the trash because I'm too pooped to deal with it.)

    1. Yum. Sounds great. I know what you mean. Sometimes the fatigue is just too much to deal with so things just go by the wayside. :)


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