Friday 6 September 2013

This week I rocked because.....Episode 4.

Well it's that time of week again. Time to bask in the awesomeness that is you, and all you have achieved this past week. Things have been a bit up and down this week here at Chateau Rusty, but I have been able to achieve some bits and pieces in between the swooning and general whimpering in a corner.

This week I rocked because:

  • I managed to do 15 minutes on the Wii Fit, the basic yoga, for four days straight. 
  • I continued to shred some more of my old work notes and forms. Very cathartic.
  • I vacumed 3 rooms in the house.
  • I planted a group of tiny geranium cuttings in some pots.

So tell me, how have you rocked this week?

Feel free to share with anyone else who you think may benefit from recognising and celebrating, just how much they've rocked this past week.

Michelle :)


  1. Let's see, I'm a single Mom of 4 children. I homeschool and I do not drive so I'm dependent on public transit to get around. And it happens to be the rainy season. How did I rock this week, um no one died, case closed, end of story. My 2 grounded teens can attest to that. (lol) So yeah that rocks, temper managed, house somewhat decent, chores somewhat done. yep we're good, lol!

  2. AHHHH Freddie, the world truly lost a Genius! Nice pick lady!

  3. I rocked this week ...For the first time in ages ...
    All the washing was up to date.
    The dishes got done daily as the beds
    the house tidy sort of ..
    And even a bit of weeding was done
    Even managed to complete a scarf I was knitting
    All of this in a major flare..
    Hell yeah..I ROCK :)

  4. This week I rocked because when I wanted to sink to the floor and bawl like a baby, I didn't. Except for once. And that is what I call impressive (or would if I could tell the world how much I rock outside of your lovely blog). Thanks for this space. I rock.

  5. Let's see:
    -I have been to the gym twice
    -I supported my mother through a stressful time
    -I had some fun with my nephew
    -I managed to take my mother out for a meal
    -I worked four full days without having to take a sick day (although I did sleep through my alarms for the first time in my life one morning)

    All of this whilst dealing with insomnia for the last two nights too. I have a bit of housework to catch up on this weekend. Thankfully I clean as I go and the place is never in a mess. I have started doing a little bit at a time when it comes to things like dusting, floors, washing etc and that seems to work better than trying to do it all at once.

    Yeah I rocked it this week!

  6. This week rocked because i stepped out of my comfort zone, took a leap of faith, and went back to school. Full days are exhausting but my body is amazing and i haven't gotten really sick.

  7. Because everyone in the house has a yucky head cold (including me), I made chicken soup from scratch. And remembered to put the leftovers in the fridge! (Over the years, I've let a lot of food go bad, as anyone with Bob-induced brain fog can understand.)


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