Friday 30 August 2013

This week I rocked because....Episode 3

It's that time of week to think of all the different ways you've rocked it this week. In the midst of the gastric storm I've had this past week I thought I'd be struggling to find some victories but there have been quite a few.

This week I rocked because....

  • I managed to cook my son's birthday dinner which included 2 curry sauces from scratch (green and red Thai curry) and a strawberry flan.
  • I started to shred all my old work stuff that I have been holding onto since my last work day in November of 2007. I am about 2/3rds of the way through and feel lighter than I have in years.
  • I didn't beat myself up for crying when the pains in my stomach got so bad that I couldn't get out of the foetal position. 
  • I took on a new craft, albeit unsuccessfully. But that has only made me even more determined to master it. There will be a rag rug in my house and it will be awesome. Plus, I'm half way too a rocking set of Princess Leia hair buns!
  • I managed to hold my hand still long enough to take the picture above.

So tell me, how have you rocked this week?

Feel free to share with anyone else who you think may benefit from recognising and celebrating, just how much they've rocked this past week.

Michelle :)

And a little perky music to get you in the mood. Saw these guys back in the early 90s, when I had an, as then undiagnosed, badly broken foot. Even back then I was stubborn. 


  1. This week rocked because i got the news that my liver condition is stable, that my liver has shrunk to normal size and my tumors are gone! Also my kidney tests came back clean.
    And i only had one mental breakdown this week :)

  2. Did a CAL and used I used crochet thread #10. First time I have used thread in many years. It was difficult but fun. Made for my friend with dysautonomia and a breast cancer survivor. Wanted something special to send her. Photo URL at bottom.

    Finished a scarf for the homeless and started a matching hat.

    BIG NEWS for the week....Drum Roll Please....I had a normal reaction when the doctor scraped the bottom of my foot. First time that has happened in many years.

    I think I did some other stuff but forgot...must have done something...

    Oh I know...just made a special treat I hope I can eat. Homemade chocolate bar with maple syrup as the sugar. Super easy.

  3. You're awesome Michelle. Another reason why you rocked this week is because you helped us think about how WE rocked this week.
    I rocked this week because despite mr 3 being sick AGAIN I have survived and managed to keep the family relatively in tact.
    And because I managed to clean, vacuum and mop the house and feed everyone.
    And because the sun is shining and I'm getting takeaway with my hubby tonight when the kids are in bed!
    xx your fellow POTsie, Sarah

  4. I took a shower where I was even able to wash my hair without passing out! Huge huge deal.

    I also made it through a week of statistics and genetics college courses, and managed to finish (mostly) everything by the deadlines. I feel horrific but hey, I did it!

  5. Invited my son's friend for a playdate, even though that meant cleaning bathrooms and tidying up. Got the kiddo back to school (with all the school supplies and the paperwork). Gave myself permission to take yesterday off (hard for me to do), and I feel much better today as a result, in spite of the carking piles of dishes. Oh yes: I learned a new word! carking = burdensome or annoying. Love this word, because it works as an substitute swear word, e.g. "Gotta scrub the carking broiler pan again."

  6. I rocked because for 3 days I put the laundry I did away (the bedrooms are upstairs!) yes, there are other baskets of folded laundry just sitting in the living room but I did put some away!
    Oh and I rocked because I did that other laundry even if I didn't put it away!!

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  8. I rocked because I figured out an awesome design for dysautonomia awareness earrings! I did gentle restoratative yoga with my kids - which means that my 2 yr old climbed on me the whole time, but my 4 yr old actually paid attention and even tried to focus on her breath - that is amazing!
    By the way, I LOVE this series you're doing! You always inspire me and make me laugh at the same time.

  9. Yay! I like this weekly post. We all should celebrate the victories in our lives, however small most of them are. Life is hard; we need to buoy ourselves any way possible. Nice blog, btw!

  10. This week I rocked because I survived the first week of college classes despite feeling terrible after the second day LOL

  11. this week I rocked because despite my constant migranes I pushed foward. I also rocked because I've been let go by many due to my dystautonomia, but my head is held high! that's why I rocked<3 I love your blog, I'm newly dignosed but you make life easier! XOXI

  12. Congratulations on rocking.
    This week I rocked because I made some decisions about where I want my career to go.
    This week I rocked because I recognised that I may have an eye infection and so I got some antibiotic drops.
    This week I rocked because I went for a run, did 20 sit-ups and squats, and walked to election booths.


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