Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Is there a word to express the last few weeks? Nope nothing that does it justice. It's just been one thing after another and 'Ugh' seems about as close as I can get. One of my favourite bloggers, the awesome Kelley, from Magnetoboldtoo, wrote a post about onomatopoeia a while back and it's stuck with me. Sometimes life can really be best described as a collection of ughs and oomphs and blarghs.

I coud regale you with the crapfest but that would bore you silly, I know it bores the crappola out of me. Drama sucks. Fatigue bites the big one. Because I'm a champ I even managed to combine that with yet another bout of laryngitis (is that the 53rd or 98th time this year?) and even buggering my right hand, kneading dough of all things. This has meant little in the way of brain functioning. Little in the way of responding to comments on blogs, or FB or Twitter. Little in the way of standing, or personal hygiene (luckily we had a rat die under the floor boards, or in the wall, the stench is too strong to pin point, so Eu de Dead Rat, trumps any personal miasma I may be generating).

Yesterday, I reacted maturely to my situation by sitting in the garden in the misty rain, sipping coffee, in my pjs and red, sparkly flats. It was my "FU Universe" moment. Today's body tanty would suggest that that was probably not the best plan of action when recovering from a bug, but it was good in the moment.

So on that note I shall return to the batcave and hibernate until the world is filled with rainbow farting unicorns and glittery cup cakes and margaritas with little umbrellas served by hot cabana boys, once more. Or till the meds kick in.

And because my dogs amuse me and the look on their faces is priceless.

I've been listening to Florence on loop this past week. This may come close to trumping Dog Days are Over as my new shout it out song.


  1. So sorry to hear you're having a tough time atm :( that photo is a classic though!

    Also: as I type this I'm having my first ever Florence experience and WOW.

    Hope the shouty songs help x

  2. Hi Laura

    Yeah bit of a rough time at the moment. But the only way is up, right?

    YAY to having your fist Florence experience, she is amazing. :)

  3. I wonder if we should start a movement. A movement of awesome chicks with too much shit going down wearing sparkly pretty shoes.

    BTW I NEEEEEEED some sparkly ballet flats. NEEEEEEEEEED

    1. Dude, what sized foot are you? I have a pair of sparkly red flats I made in a 39, sitting on my kitchen table as I type. They aren't all that practical to walk in thanks to a prodigious use of varnish to preserve the glitter, but they work well for sitting on a couch, sipping margaritas and looking purdy. They are yours if you want. xxxx


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