Saturday 30 June 2012

Question Time


Hey guys, I thought I'd open up the floor to answer some questions. I get a lot of emails asking me all sorts of things from, how did I get diagnosed to my favourite salty snack, or how to talk to doctors, or even how to start a health blog. I reply to as many of these as I can (sadly not all thanks to sheer numbers and the ever present fatigue and poor health we are all dealing with), but that's a one-on-one basis. Often, after the fact I think the question, and answer, are one many could benefit from and I should do a blog post. Of course, seven seconds later I've forgotten that great post idea (thanks bright shiny objects) and the post is never written. So I thought it was about time I rectified things with a little Q&A session.

So, what questions do you have and what do you most want to know about?  Me? The blog? Dysautonomia? Doctors? Lemurs? Quantum physics? Whether I'm a Sam or a Dean girl? What I'd name my direwolf? The political situation in Nicaragua? Whatever. I can't promise I'll have an answer. I can't promise the answer will be coherent, or even on topic. It'll probable feature the number 42  frequently. But there'll be an answer.


What do you most want to know?

Just write your questions in the comments section below.

NB: I'm not a doctor and any medical questions/decisions need to be discussed with your treating physician. I can only share my personal experiences. As we all know Dysautonomia often has a very individualised presentation and often what may work for one of us, may not work for everyone. 

Michelle :)

When your song choice has to be related to questions, you can't go past The ClashShould I stay or should I go? (1981). Which I may or may not have belted out at the top of my voice at more than one bar over the years. Along with The AngelsAm I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?, and pretty much anything by the Violent Femmes.


  1. I have a question ....
    ... What's for dinner??

    1. Pea soup, of course! (sorry, I have no impulse control!)

    2. Pea soup, of course! (sorry...couldn't resist! No impulse control!)

  2. Your list of potential questions made me laugh! I'm definitely a Sam girl and I think I'd name my direwolf Cuddles. Actually, I'd name him Joe. I can't think of any health questions, but I'd like to know the answer to those 2 things.

  3. How do you (or have you) explained things to people who don't/didn't know about dysautonomia? Say a clueless relative. How did you clue them in?

    Other than zombies and Dorothy shoes, what makes you furiously happy even on bad days?

  4. So I have been reading your blog in an effort to understand my body a bit better. I am not new to the symptoms, but new to the diagnosis. I love the open, real life information you have given me. It is not at all like the paragraphs I have found in books.

    Now my question: as a parent what have you done to help you be more sucessful in caring for the house and others? What do you do to prepare the children for those days that you jut can't do much of anything?



  5. Other than your children and Mr. Grumpy, what makes you not want to just give up? I am not depressed...just frustrated with everything that happens to my body and watching my kids grow up so fast and them missing me doing things with them. I have Lupus, Fibro, NCS and Orthostatic Hypertension (so it is one big roller coaster), and the newest is severe vertigo probably due to facial migraines. I could use some tips on coping. You seem to do it so well. I love your always puts a smile on my face! :-)

  6. Great questions guys. Have started writing a up an Answers post, but given my verbosity may have to make into a couple of posts. Stay tuned. :)


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