Saturday 28 April 2012

Vlogging live from Crazytown

In a moment of insanity I thought that a vlog would be easier to do than a blog post. Rambling at a camera surely has to be easier than trying to combine thinking and typing, right?

Note to self: don't listen to yourself when the dumb is strong. Also avoid playing with sharp objects, hide all hair scissors and don't go near the stove. And for the love of God don't go to the vet and see the cute pictures of the kittens that need a new home. They are like soft furry crack and you come damn close to falling off the wagon.

Anyhoo. Here's the rambling, slurring result of about 6 billion takes. Enjoy.

Alternatively I give you Kate Miller-Heidke's fabulous Facebook Song (does contain swearing)

Michelle :)

And yet another shameless plug for votes.
 People's Choice Award

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  1. Relate relate relate! Guilt with my kids is crushing at times, i hope they grow up to be compassionate and knowing they are loved as well, thanks for voicing that. I'm so sorry you are still fighting viciously with Bob, I hope he starts to make an exit on some level soon and stops being a bitch!


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