Friday 20 April 2012

Frak you Bob

Well my body is still refusing to play by the rules. Exhaustion is ruling right now and I'd be pretty happy if I could get back to my usual state of death warmed up. I think I have now moved from woe is me to anger after another close call yesterday afternoon.

I was going to subject you all to an interpretative dance to express how I feel right now, but thought this little collection from Battlestar Galactica did sum it up quite well. Plus it requires little effort or coordination on my part. Feel free to add your own angry jazz hands.

Stay tuned tomorrow where I move onto denial. I'm thinking mime may be the way to go with that one.


You know you want to ;)
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  1. pick up soon michelle, look forward to reading your post on denial, its my only survival coping technique! really muzzy headed i hope ive made sense. have voted for you!!! xxx

    1. Thanks for voting Em. Yep good old Denial it is a good survival technique :)

  2. Jazz hands - the universal language

  3. BSG really explains everything in life~! on a serious note, I hope things improve soon. xoxo

  4. I'd say get well soon but dysautonomia plays by unfair rules. So sending you some hugs to help make it through.


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