Tuesday 19 July 2011

And the Winner is.............

I will have to say I've been overwhelmed with the large number of entries and lovely comments for one little pair of Dorothy shoes.  I may teared up a little reading them, or it may just be that pesky hay fever affecting my eyeballs again.  I'm pretty sure I saw some mould spores in my shower so I'm blaming those, okay.

Anyhoo, it has become clear that glittery red heels are the source of all happiness in the world.  They are beloved by all, and coveted by many.  Personally, I think they should be prescribed to everyone.  Not just let them eat cake (although that is a lovely thought, particularly a large rich mud cake), but also Dorothy Shoes for every man, woman, and child on the planet.  And then everyone would be filled with love and joy and we'd all dance instead of walk.  This is obviously the answer to world peace, I'll have to give the UN a call.

I will say I have amused myself making up the entries and thinking through possible ways to do the draw.  My eldest was very impressed with the half hour we spent in the craft store deciding between feathers and little wooden pegs.  I'm sure he told all his friends about our exciting outing.  He was even more impressed with my desire to involve the dogs in the draw.  I am now officially the Crazy Cat Lady, but with dogs.

I wish I could send everyone a pair, but alas I could only pick one winner.

I like my entries.  I don't care how much my loved ones shake their heads.
Thor was equally impressed with being chosen to pick the winner.
And all that training, and mutilated feathers, has paid off as Thor the wonder dog, carefully selects one entry.

 In fact, he was so excited that he needed a little lie down after.

And the winner is..............

 Or as it looked after Freyja broke in, nabbed the entry off the floor, ran off and tried to eat it.

This is why Freyja was not involved in the selection process.

Big Congratulations to Em of

So Em, email me (in the contacts tab above) and let me know your UK size and heel preference, and a little box of glittery magic will be winging it's way across the pond to your door.

Big thanks to everyone who entered.  Best blog birthday ever.

Michelle :)


  1. Congratulations to Em.........Toto and I will be now go to bed and cry ourselves to sleep.....

    But it has been a heck of a lot of fun these last few days. The idea of having a drawing brought out the best in all of us.


  2. woooooowwwwww. so very,very, pleased. i thank you thor for tickling your nose to pick me. a pair of red sparklys is just what i need to cheer me up from days of nausea. i will be sure to send a picture with them on for all to see.

    if i could jump and do a little dance, i would be doing that right now. thanks michelle for brightening up my day,week,month.xxxx

    p.s im sure rosy sent thor doggie vibes. x

  3. Good work Thor! He is the cutest... and clever too!!

  4. Congratulations Em!

    I cannot believe that damn dog didn't pick me... uh, I mean CONGRATULATIONS EM!

    And I forgive you Thor, cuz you are so cute and handsome and all....

  5. i'm so impressed you could get your dog to cooperate! Mine would just give me The Look. (You know... "Mum... let's just quit and have a lie down, yeah?" i get that look a lot.)

  6. Puts the whole "Pick winner out of a hat" method to shame!

    As cool as those shoes are, I'd be even happier to see that a dog had chosen me, than I would to get the shoes.

    Congrats to Em! And good job on promoting your contest so creatively, Michelle! I hope you're doing okay.

  7. Something wrong with my reader so couldn't participate. I don't care about that though. I am just so so pleased the lovely em won. WOw, I have embarrassed myself commenting telling her to get over here and see she knows already. But hey ho I am splashed all over the internet embarrasing myself, so nothing new there then. Good job I didn't enter, as I have UK size one and half feet. Although I would have love to have won, had I entered I think I would have had to give it away and would have chosen em. I'm off. I love the creativity, the feathers, the pegs, and the dog. I just wish you didn't live so far away!

  8. ohhhh this is awesome!!!!

  9. Jane - I'm sorry :( I wish I could give everyone a pair. It has been a fun week. I must admit I've really enjoyed the whole process myself, funny how one little pair of shoes can create so much happiness around the world.

  10. Em - I'm sure you were dancing on the inside. I'll be doing them this weekend, so they'll be there soon. I'll be finding glitter everywhere for weeks to come. :)

    Diana - Thor is very talented and cute. I also may be a little biased.

  11. Brahm - Thor most humbly apologises to Alfie's human. He did want me to mention that he may be open to bribery in the future. Should a pack of liver snacks happen to end up in his possession he may be swayed to send glittery shoes to the land of the moose.

  12. Buffy Darling - we did have to practice the night and morning before. Many feathers died to make this draw possible. I did receive quite a lot of those looks but luckily he'll do anything for a Schmacko.

    Ashley - My family think I am completely nuts, but I had fun over the whole week. It was really lovely how everyone got into the spirit of it and had fun. A little crazy can go a long way.

  13. Achelois - sorry you couldn't enter :( I've been reading Em's blog since she was 'Alice' so it was lovely to see her win, just wish I had the funds to make a pair for everyone who entered. So much joy from one pair of shoes. It still blows my mind. I wish I was closer too. Maybe one day.

    Anon - glad you liked it. :)


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