Friday 21 May 2010

Fabulous Fridays: All Hail the Mighty Geek.

Well it's that time of the week again when I break out my rose coloured glasses, staple that slightly deranged and ecstatic smile on my face, and leave the realms of reality to live in a land of puppies, lollipops, fairy dust and moonbeams.

I must admit its a tad more difficult today as I am currently battling a very virulent form of pestilence brought home by the Ebola ridden, youngest monkey boy. And when you are already scrapping the bottom of the health barrel it's not pretty site.

I apologise to all the trees that have been felled so I can have something to catch the litres of fluids making an break for it via my tender nostrils.  Normally I am  recycled paper girl, but not today.  My Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer impersonation requires silk touch, aloe vera soaked, triple ply, bleached and pulverised old growth rainforest tissues.  Tomorrow I'll get back on my Green soap box, but not today.  Besides I figure it's all balanced out by my use of happy eggs, dolphin friendly cleaning products, recycled loo paper and the water saving philosophy of "if it's brown flush it down.  If it's yellow let it mellow".

Old Eunice is valiantly battling through the truckloads of mucus that have chosen to reside in my noggin, to try and get me through this, so be prepared to be wowed by my mediocre efforts.  Tip for the day: if you close one eye and screw up your face, it takes the edge off the jack hammer pounding away in your head when you are looking at a computer screen.  Alternately it could be the litre of cough mixture and Nurofen I had for breakfast, who knows.  So just bear with me whilst I chant my perky mantra to try and brainwash myself into pathological optimism:

Going to my happy place
Going to my happy place 
Going to my happy place

Okay.  My glass is once more half-full, maybe half-full of mucus of varying densities, but half-full none the less.

All right now before I OD on Lemsip and Vicks Vapour Rub fumes, I thought today I'd write a post to celebrate the nerds and geeks of this world.  I have been inspired by a recent news story here in Australia and I think that it behoves me as a proud Aussie to share it with the world.

Now prior to the story I should acknowledge the controversy surrounding the terms 'nerd' and 'geek'.  I often use these interchangeably but apparently this is a huge faux pas.  So to save you this embarrassment I give you this link to explain these different groups (to lazy to do it myself today).  And what would a discussion of geeks and nerds be without a Venn diagram to help explain this contentious issue.

Oh Venn diagram, how I love thy overlapping circles of knowledge.

On May 1st 2010, in the fair city of churches, Adelaide, Sth Australia, a robbery was thwarted by Spiderman, two Jedi and The Flash.  Well geeks in a comic book store, on International Free Comic Day, dressed as Spiderman, Jedi knights and The Flash, foiled the robbery.  And what was the evil doer stealing you may ask, why a comic book of course.  An X-Men Omnibus no less.  Yep the evil geek was captured by the good geeks.  Go geeks.  Now the evil comic napper nearly got away with it as bystanders at first thought it was a case of LARPing when the spidie suit-clad owner apprehended the theif, but luckily the Jedi with their super mind powers knew better and called '000'.  Love it!  You can read the full story here.

(I love the fact that in the 2001 census over 70,000 Australians classed their religion as Jedi).

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not paying out geeks.  I love me some geeks, especially being a geek myself (I am wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt as I type).  I even married a computer geek (a very hot computer geek, but a computer geek none the less).  I am proud to say he doesn't own a pocket protector or Spock ears.  And thankfully he didn't propose to me in Klingon, but he is the kind of guy who thinks Jean Luc Picard is cool and whose list of ideal women over the years have included, Dana Scully, Samantha Carter and Seven of Nine.

In fact I do call him Comic Book Guy (from The Simpsons) and have brought him a little figurine of his alter ego.  His secret identity was confirmed when Comic Book Guy utter the classic words, "And I would like an hour on the holodeck with Seven of Nine", a Mr Grumpy fantasy of long standing.
("Lucite hardening... must end life in classic 
Lorne Greene pose from Battlestar Galactica
... Best... Death... Ever."
Comic Book Guy as, "The Collector".  Photo from here)

For those unfamiliar with Comic Book Guy, a tribute can be found at Alt.Nerd.Obsessive.

I'll even admit that I didn't mind the new Battlestar Galactica (and I am very anti-remaking of the classics), though in my own geekdom I will say that Dirk Benedict will always be Starbuck to me (see I have been a geek for years). But I do think the use of "Frack" as a swear word was pure geeky genius.

(Lt. Starbuck (Dirk Benedict).  
Photo courtesy of The Geek Bookworm).

Now just as long as they don't try and re-do Buck Rogers In the 25th Centrury.  A modern day version of Twiki would be just wrong, or as he would say "Beedeebeedeebeedee...".  Oh wow, I think I just out geeked myself.

On that note I shall say good on you middle-aged men of Adelaide who are brave enough to wear your underwear on the outside and carry your lightsabres in public, whilst defending the world against evil.  "Live long and prosper", my dweeby brother and sisters, and "may the Force be with you".

The geeky and very phlegmy Michelle :)
Star Trekkin', The Firm,  (1987). Luv it and I still know all the words. Made it to No.3 on the charts in Australia.  So proud.


  1. Yay for the geek boys. The functioning ones anyway. Not the ones who just live in their mums' basements till they're 37, eating Cheese Puffs and wearing tech comedy shirts. :)

    The new BSG was frakking awesome. The old one, when I was a kid, was awesome too but in a much less serious way...

  2. Live long and prosper, Michelle. I am such a Star Trek geek (I have the Vulcan IDIC tattooed on my back, I know a few phrases in Klingon, and I even know the lyrics to The Original Series theme song [google them, I dare you]). And the sad part about your video, I know what episodes the quotes come from ("There's Klingons on the starship bow" is in "The Day of the Dove" from the third season).

    But, I'm also a well balanced nerd. I practically moved into the library when I was in High School (and read most of the time), and I am very socially awkward (I would rather spend a week vacation time in a monastery than in some sort of public tourist attraction).

    tlhIngan maH, or perhaps just Geek maH.

    Peace and long life! Or Nanu nanu (your preference).

  3. Veg - oh man I thought I'd frakked up my 'frak' spelling but it turns out that it was originally 'frack' but changed to frak. Thank frak for that.

    Ericka - I love that you know some Klingon LOL You are truly a trekki especially when you combine it with tattoo and the quoting. I have a side of nerd too and love my books (I did 4 years of English and English literature, complete with Opera and the Greek tragedies. I was even Blanche DuBois in Streetcar Named Desire and can still quote it).

    PS I loved Mork and Mindy :)

  4. Haha I like your sense of humour about the nasal issue. You may sound like Rudolph, but with the nose-blowing I bet you sounds like Dumbo. Get better so we can go LARPing together!

  5. Loveable - you have to admit snot is funny. Especially when you are desperately reaching for the tissue box and don't quite make it and end up wearing mucus from your nose to your waist. At times like that there is nothing left to do but laugh.

  6. I'm 99%% certain that "geek" used to be the name for a man who ate chickens live. Funny how words change in meaning over time.

  7. Gorilla Bananas - that is such a cool meaning for 'geek'. All very Ozzie Osbourne. Luv it. :)

  8. From one Star Trek geek to another, great job. I'm proud to say I own all the Hallmark Star Trek Christmas ornaments, and surprised there wasn't a fight over those during my divorce settlement LOL

  9. Michele - at least you got the important stuff in the settlement LOL.

    Annah - geek boys rule. Though hot dumb guys are very pleasing to look at, just as long as they don't speak :)


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