Saturday 31 October 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor VIII

Have been mugged by that god damn trouble making wall yet again. May be time to hire some body guards. My own personal Grizz and Dotcom, to beat the crap out of the next wall that comes my way.

Spring has hit and and consecutive days over 20 degree C have turned my body to jelly. Bad case of stubborn stupidity led me to the gym. Discovered it's rather hard to do a lunge (or stand) when your legs wont stop shaking and keep collapsing. Now resigned to a hectic Spring living the horizontal, glued to the aircon with my legs up in the air. Woo Hoo!!!

Off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, yet again. Which means stop the meds which keep me upright and undergo the "unpleasant" test (doctor code for "oh my god this test will be worse than being forced to sit through both "Glitter" and "Crossroads" on loop"). A day of needles, more needles, and then a couple more needles. Ahhh the human pin cushion once more. Strap me down, prop me up, add a couple of electrodes, some radiation, and suck out a gallon of blood, and it all starts to sound like some strange fetish movie.

These pesky issues may impede my blogging ability a tad so it may be a while before I surface in the blogisphere once more. But do not fear you can't keep a Rusty Hoe down.


The wall fighting Michelle :)

Sleep time.


  1. Michelle,
    You so crack me up. =) Will be thinking of you- may the nurses be swift with needles, the tests be done in a jiffy, and the results be filled with goodness that helps to kick bob's butt!

  2. hi michelle

    please make a speedy recovery, i want to read the next installment. seriously though, hope the tests arent that intrusive, and stupid bob will not rear his ugly head to much in the coming weeks. xxx

  3. F**K BOB!

    Having a bad bobby day....i could not have imagined something this bad before i got sick.

    good luck with the testing....KICK BOBS BUTT

  4. I have given your blog an award - the from me to you award. ok so it is a glorified chain letter link exchange, but still it shows that I like your blog. :)

    check out the details at


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