Sunday 4 October 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor VI

Lets see. How to sum up the last couple of weeks:

Week 6 of Mestinon hell begins. Still living the joyous life of the exploding body, burning toes and weird muscle spasms and shaking. Bob still the same old, same old, despite persisting with what now amounts to an extra 18 tablets of hell spawn a day. My doctor has to at lest give me an A for effort and persistence. Chest infection decided to pay a visit. Not like I had anything else going on. The doc I saw for the chest infection was not only a cow but also incompetent. My specialist physio class has been cancelled, which was the highlight of my week. And to top it all off, the ATM ate my card. Ever had one of those days, weeks, months, years, lives!

Bought a new car last week to help transport two teenagers, assorted teenage paraphernalia, two great danes plus me and the husband. Who thought it would be a good idea to give the brain fog girl a new, larger, fast moving metal object to manage? Too complex for my addled brain. Already I have been confronted by the complexity of the radio, which required a call to David. This apparently has provided he and his work collegues with much laughter and merriment. Why doesn't the magic sound box turn off when you take out the key???????? Oh you open the door and the magic sound box turns off, ahhhhhhhhhhh. I have also provided comic relief for the people in the next car space at the supermarket. 10 minutes of hysterical laughter at my escalating frustration and use of expletives in my attempts to try and lock all the doors on the car with the electronic locking thingy. Apparently they were too exhausted from their laughter to give me a hand. Oh lordy, I need to stay away from these newfangled, beeping electric/computer thingamajigs!!! I did think the greatest irony was that the former owner of our car was Pfizer! Yes, that's right Pfizer. I can't even get away from the drugs in my new car! Arghhhhhhh..................

Well my joy at feeling the cold has run its course and I am back to crazy thermostat. I realised it was truly over when we were driving in the car, me in a t-shirt, David in 5 thermal layers, with the aircon on full.
I probably should have noticed the return of my weirdness when I could see David's breath in the car and the fact he kept putting his hands, one at a time under his armpits to try and warm them up. It's probably important to note that it was about 8 degrees C outside and hailing. I have had spurts of cold but not consistently (or when appropriate) and my thermostat seems destined to be stuck on surface of the sun!

I have however, discovered a new method to identify when I have reached the limit for my body. Swept half way down my steps, became dizzy and began dry-wretching. Subtle I know, but I do think I can spot that one!!

Continuing to live the dream.

Michelle aka The Stig :)


  1. that was an adventurous Hope that you're feeling better today!

  2. Dear Michelle,
    Have had much laughter and needed 'relating' from your blog since I found it a year or so ago. My Mestanon trial for dysautonomia went much like yours. Thanks for the hope and comedy your posts have provided!


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