Tuesday 20 October 2009

This Just Made Me Laugh

Sometimes you just come across something that makes you laugh. It may be completely juvenile, but it just appeals to my fogged brain today.

Thank you Dictionary.com's Word of the Day, for using the word Turbid in a sentence:

Although both are found in the same waters, black crappies usually prefer clearer, quieter water, while white crappies flourish in warmer, siltier and more turbid water.
-- Tim Eisele, "Crappie Facts", Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), May 8, 1998

So what water do your crappies prefer?

Michelle :)

(I so want to run out and find a copy of "Crappie Facts"!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh why is Bob so cruel, big butts and muffin tops, and we don't eat enough to feed a bird. Another great one Michelle!


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