Saturday 31 January 2015

What if today you chose kindness?

(Frida Kahlo, Self -Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940)

What if you were kind to one person today?

What if that person was you?

What if you said 

I'm enough

What if you allowed yourself to believe 

That perfection is but a lie

And imperfection the masterpiece

That the things don't matter

That the what if's

And the if only's

Are the sleight of hand we use to hide the truth

Lies are told

By the empty sages who howl at the door

The musts

The shoulds

False prophets yell from street corners 

To tell you the wrongs

The failings

The disappointment

The bruises and the hurts

Delivered and delivering.

Empty words 

Bleat incessantly

Beat you down into submission

Ease in agreement

False beauty with talons

Acquiesce and be torn apart

Momentarily placated


The goal posts move


Conflicting commands

Come from new corners.

Close your ears to sirens

Bind them

And fill them with daisies

Hold the silence

Listen for the first whisper of truth

Let it grow

The rhythm of the heart writes on the stone

Slow and steady

While the world around ebbs and flows

While beasts scream and claw

And clamber to cover and obscure

It continues below. 

Waiting to be recognised

Waiting to be found


Vibration and resonance


That it belongs

The song plays

While the mosquitos buzz

Hear the breeze 

Gentle caresses on leaves above

Eucalyptus to cleanse

Hints of rosemary 

For remembrance and clarity

Scent and sound.

Wipe the oils on your brow

And wrap the leaves round your heart. 

Focus on the melody

Let the words rise





What if today you chose kindness?



  1. Michelle. That is beautiful. X

  2. This looks to me like a series of poems - and the combine to make a whole.

  3. This seems to me to be a series of poems combined to make a whole. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Brigid. I think you're right. My mind is a bit haphazard at the best of times. So sometimes what I right is small parts that fit together, though I notice it more in things like this as I haven't had time innt he 30mins to polish out the joins. :)

  4. Beautiful. Just want I needed to read today.

  5. I needed to read this today. Lying in bed at 10am feeling down and grumpy with myself for being so behind on blogs and out of touch with friends...I needed it and here it was at the perfect time, waiting for me. Thank you xx


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