Saturday 27 September 2014

Pink blossoms and buzzing bees: 30 Minute Poetry

(It really feels like Spring when the blossoms start appearing.)

I hit a rough patch, well more than one really. For a while it's been rough patch, after rough patch. You can only soldier on for so long when the rough is all you have, day after day for months without end. A post or three back I mentioned how I was at that point. You know the one. The one where it's just enough. Where what you could deal with yesterday, is simply too much today. And in the midst of that fog of struggle and wanting to build a pillow fort and simply disappear from the world for a while. When rough textures and sharp edges are all there are as far as they eye can see. Lovely people both here on the blog and over on FB reached out. Messages, lovely comments, silly memes and photos to make me laugh, songs to lift or just because. And it's hard to explain how much they mean. That people you've never met in the flesh, care. And not only care, but take their limited energy to tell you they care. And suddenly you find yourself emerging from your dark place and making inroads back into the world. Because there are others who have your back and offer their shoulders without expectation or caveats. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone for pulling me out of my hole to see the world again. Spring in the world around me and Spring in my spirit to match.

This one is my thank you to you all. xx

Thank you for the wind
The gentle caress on my cheek
as I sit eyes closed on the chair in the corner of my yard
Cool and invigorating
Cleansing and revitalising
The breath of life
The breath of love
The breath that joins us all

Thank you for the birds
That flit and soar
Shadows racing across the ground
Flashes of colour in the sky
That sing of love and joy
Joy for the sun
Joy for the small berries emerging on the branches
And the nectar in the tiny blooms
Joy for the myriad of small insects that emerge at the first hint of warmth and renewal.

Thank you for the budding leaves
The tiny bunches with vibrant red edges
slowly unfolding with each added ray of sun.
A tight bump on the sides of stark branches
soon one, then two, then three, are seen fluttering in the breeze
Chaperoned by light pink blossoms and buzzing bees.
The eye once attuned to their presence can't help but see them at every turn

Thank you for the sun
That warms my face
And winds it's way into my blood
To chase away the cold and heat the heart
To uncurl the spirit from it's hiding place
To stretch out to the world around
And feel it all
Familiar and new bound together in joy.

Thank you for the moon
Rising in the east from crescent to full
shining just enough to illuminate the world
To drain the colour but light the way
To show the shadows of the life of day
The outline of the trees, the swings across the street, and the chairs in the yard.
Echos of the day passed, the day soon to be.

Thank you for the stars
Strewn across the sky by a casual hand
Beauty in their disdain for order and regimental adherence.
Points of light in the darkness
To be spied when lying in the dark places
Look up and focus
On one just one.
Claim it as your own to shine for you
But to be shared with all.

Thank you for helping me see
Thank you for making me feel

Thank you.


Now to sit out back and enjoy and appreciate a bit of it on this lovely Spring day.

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  1. Beautiful and eloquent as always. <3

  2. Jennifer Albrighton1 October 2014 at 01:17

    I love the way you say it like it is,it's a huge relief when someone just gets it isn't it? I feel like a clock that runs in the wrong direction,and I wonder where I'm going to end up with PoTs.....I wonder how bad I'm actually going to get sometimes because I know the downward spiral is going faster and it never seams to go the other way....strangely enough I'm not depressed.... this is just how I feel today,thanks for making me feel like writing it down....sending love from the UK xxx

    1. I think we all go through times where we question where it's all heading as there are no clear prognoses. You raise an important point that you can discuss these things and not be depressed. I think it's a distinction many miss. Simply acknowledging the darker sides of illness doesn't mean instant depression, and in reality you can't process it if you never let yourself think about it. Hope today finds you well xx

  3. It's always such a blessing when breathing comes normally once more, almost like a dream state.

  4. Just WOW!! So grateful for your words


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