Monday 4 August 2014

There be grass out there.

(My furry body guard as always by my side.)

I could say it's nearly been a month since I put my bare feet on grass. I could say that I have been holed up in my bedroom and it's bland walls for far too long.


I can concentrate on the grass beneath my feet today.

I can concentrate on the damp of the dew still present at lunchtime on this Winter's day.

I can concentrate on the squish of the grass between my toes and beneath my heels.

I can concentrate on the smell of the fresh cut lawn and eucalyptus of the gums nextdoor.

I can concentrate on the sun on the top of my head.

I can concentrate on the feel of a warm dog head shoved into my hand.

I can concentrate on the crisp Winter air.

I can let myself feel the cool breeze on my skin.

I can feel it fill me as I breathe in deeply.

I can let it air out a little portion of my spirit so in need of a cleansing breeze.

So today I'm going to try that.

I'm going to celebrate my 5mins.

I'm going to hold it tight now I'm back surrounded by walls.

I'm going to hold tight now the consequences begin.

I'm going to hold it tight because I can.

And somedays you have to hold onto what you can when you are surrounded by so much of what you can't.


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  1. I always read the title of this post in a pirate voice.


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