Tuesday 15 July 2014

Tiny steps in tiny tasks.

My health rollercoaster seems to be more of the driving rapidly over a heavily corrugated dirt track variety, than one of those gentle older versions like the one at Luna Park, here in Melbourne. Bah. I'm still over it. No matter how much I protest otherwise. Always look on the bright side of life, from Monty Python's The Life of Brian, keeps playing in my head. But I keep getting stuck on one line "life's a piece of shit, when you look at it," pithy, no? Still I keep plugging on. Little things. Broken down into even littler things. Broken into atomic level things. That's the only way forward at the moment. But technically it's forward. And I'll take that.

Yesterday I got out of bed and went out to the garden.

(Note Audrey II sitting on my table. 
A lovely and thoughtful gift from my ladies for when I presented at 
The Emerging Writers Festival back in May.)

I rocked my pj, bed socks and son's thongs combo look. I hear it's all the rage in Paris.

I grabbed my trusty Great Dane shaped walking stick.

And made my way over to the over to the bushes by the side fence. 

I trimmed off some of the berries from the tree. Flowers are in short supply mid-Winter so you take your colour wherever you find it.

Made my way inside. Put my bounty on the kitchen bench. And went back to bed, just a wee bit exhausted. 

This morning I got up and made my morning brew. I looked at the berries on the bench and decided that today I'd take the next step.

I grabbed some old bottles from my bottle/vase collection above the stove, and filled them with water.

I trimmed up the sprigs of berries.

And popped them in the bottles.

I grabbed my old green Depression glass sandwich dish. Part of a much loved collection.

And popped it all together on our dining table.

I sat back with my coffee and admired my work. Two days to get there. Tiny steps in a tiny task.

And I smiled.

Michelle :)

This is really a random track that makes me smile. It's off the somewhat obscure and rather obviously named The Acoustic Alternative Album (2007) compilation album, which has many gems.

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  1. Stunning Michelle! YOu have such an artistic eye. I love what you have done with them and I love that you persevered through all those steps to make the beauty happen! Nice work, Batman!


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