Wednesday 16 July 2014

Lesson 26 in Living with Dysautonomia: Sending an Email with Brain Fog.

Step 1. get phonecall from cardio's office learning that files you sent months ago never arrived and a referral not sent off.

Step 2. say you'll send the pdf ASAP so referral can be sent today.

Step 3. spend 1hr trying to find pdf file.

Step 4. realise you've been spelling doctors name incorrectly for past hour.

Step 5. send email without attachment.

Step 6. don't worry you get a fail to send notice.

Step 7. think it must be twitchy mail program close and re-open program.

Step 8. send again.

Step 9. failure notice again.

Step 10. try from other email account.

Step: 11 another failure notice.

Step 12. contact husband at work to send for you.

Step 13. forward email attachment to yourself instead.

Step 14. resend this time to husband with attachment at his address.

Step 15. moment of inspiration "I wonder if I misplaced a full stop, or misspelled a word?"

Step 16. ah yes that pesky full stop in the middle of the a and the u.

Step 17. retype and send without attachment again.

Step 18. send follow up full email with attachment and sorry note for being brain fogged.

Step 19. email husband to say don't worry all sorted.

Step 20: send email to self not husband. Twice.

Step 21: berate technology, myself and the universe for every bad thing that has ever happened.

Step 22. receive confirmation email from cardio's office. Cry with relief.

Step 23. fall into comatosed, drooling heap on lounge.


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  1. In the world of grey matter gone rogue, I call that Mission Accomplished. Isn't it so infuriating to be constantly robbed of the ability to perform seemingly simple tasks in a timely, orderly fashion without having the feeling that we have just exhausted the last remaining bit of firing neurons within our sludge of a brain. Argh! I totally relate and feel your frustration.

  2. I'm blaming this samsung tablet and it's shifty auto correct for my computer woes. And I'm sticking to it.

    Ta for you great blog. I laugh and cry with gratitude when I read it.

    Blue -or blur as the tablet wants me to say.

  3. Omg, I totally did that JUST LAST WEEK! It wasn't anything as important as a cardio's office, though. Just an email to a friend. Thankfully. And I sent it to myself, without the attachment a couple of times. *sigh* When I get it typed up, I'll send you the link for the story of how I turned an 8 hour road trip into a 16 hour one this Tuesday due to my faulty brain functioning.


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