Thursday 3 July 2014

RejuvaHealth, Sheer Floral and Opaque Diamond compression stocking review.

Freyja, the photo-bombing dog.
Stockings: RejuvaHealth, Sheer Floral 20-30mmHg Thigh High
Boots: Rivers
Skirt: Rivers
T-Shirt: Threadless
Black undershirt: Metalicus

I should add this is not a sponsored post (mind you I wouldn't knock one of those back. It would be nice to be able to pay for my own coffee just once). Nor is it an exhaustive list of brands and options. Instead, it is based on my personal experience, and for those considering compression stockings either for the first time, or those tired of the regular range of stockings and looking for a bit of spice in their compression wear. Your treating doctor should be able to advise you as to whether compression stockings may be helpful for the management of your form of Dysautonomia and the strength and type of stockings you may require.

Regular readers will know of my passion for finding fashionable compressions stockings. Frankly if I have to be sick I'll be damned if I can't be fashionable. I spend way too much time online looking at compression stockings. I search for anything that is remotely patterned or coloured outside of the traditional white, beige, black or navy blue. In the mid to high range compression (20mmHg +), it can be hard to find many options. Add in that cost of more fashionable versions can be prohibitive to many, and it can be hard to find practical and fashionable options.

I love my Juzo Soft compression stockings and have been wearing them for a number of years now. I have a range of colours and a fabulous tie-dyed pair which I wear on a daily basis (I may need a Juzo Soft intervention). But at the higher end of the price range I know they are out of reach for many (I often look longingly at the current Maize and Midnight versions, before sighing and closing the tab once more). So I have been looking at some of the mid- price range versions of  compression stockings, with two criteria in mind:
A) they must be 20mmHg+.
B) they must be fashionable.

I chose thigh high simply because that is what I wear.

RejuvaHealth: Opaque DiamondSheer Floral 20-30mmHg Thigh High.

I have loved the fashion options from US company RejuvaHealth for quite some time. They first caught my eye with funky pink paisley and blue animal print stockings (sadly no longer available) in 20-30mmHg compression. Unfortunately the postage at the time was prohibitive (damn living in Australia) and I simply couldn't justify the purchase.

I have kept my eye on their options over the years to see whether they kept up with the more fashionable options and luckily they have, although the pink paisley is disappointedly yet to make a comeback (I may have to start some sort of paisley inspired campaign).

I have been looking at their Opaque Diamond, Sheer Floral, and Sheer Dot (a similar version of the latter is also available from Svigardis, Allure in a couple of different colours, $92US) options for a while. These options are available up to 20-30mmHg compression. After stumbling across a stockist with reasonable postage (Brightlife Direct: $20 for 3 pairs (I'll review the 3rd, Allegro brand in another post) in less than 10 days) I decided that I would purchase a pair of the Opaque Diamond and Sheer Floral.

Sheer Floral 

These are a very pretty pair of stockings. Much lighter and delicate than what I am used to with either Juzo Soft or Jobst. The pattern wasn't quite as defined as I would have liked given that outside the floral pattern it is quite sheer. Stitching is continuous between flowers so there are definite heavier black lines in between each piece of pattern. Though at a distance this is less apparent.

You can see the lines on this close up. 

No bulky toe seam is also nice. Not all brands get that right.
*They aren't this dark in real life. 
I was halfway through taking them off when I remembered to take a toe shot.

They are shorter in the leg than what I am used to, so I was conscious about my skirt length and they did feel a little precarious. They did however stay up after a full day of use, walking around, doing laundry and cooking dinner. Admittedly, I have rather long legs for my height, and thin legs thanks to muscle wasting, so it does make it harder to find a pair of stockings that fits well. If you have regular or shorter length legs they would be fine.

The pattern comes up quite nice in the Winter sun.

They were comfortable, though I was very aware that I was wearing compression stockings. (That is perhaps one of the best features of the Juzo Soft, which I forget I am even wearing after about 10-20mins.)

They were hardier than I expected given their delicate nature. With a very touchy feely Great Dane and my general cack-handedness I had expected that I'd have runs or pulls in them by the end of the day, but I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy they were.

They also washed up well with no loss of compression

Really you wouldn't know they are compression stockings.

Opaque Diamond

Photobombed again

These are a much heavier and firmer stocking, similar to the Juzo Soft in texture. The pattern was well defined though not as clear as the picture on the RejuvaHealth website. Even in full sun, unless I caught the sun just right, the pattern was more a hint than distinct lines. Though I will say they did cover my Winter hairy legs very well. 

This time the shorter leg was more apparent, although that may be a partially a feature of the firmer knit of the stocking. They felt far more precarious than the Sheer Floral and the stocking on my right, more wasted, leg did slowly fall down as the day went on. This isn't a problem I've had with other brands. It's disappointing as I was looking forward to wearing them.

Down to just over my knee by the end of the day.
Took them off and put them on 3 different times and still it fell down.
May have to buy a garter if I want to wear them. 
Hmm pasty-thigh shot probably not the best.

With less give in the knit, even after a full day's wear, they were not as comfortable as the Sheer Floral.

As with the Sheer Floral they were quite hardy and neither Great Dane, nor falling into the garden (an unexpected aspect of the review, brought to you by my inability to coordinate my cane, my feet and breathing) ended in runs or pulls.

Again they washed up well, with no loss of compression.

Boots: Rivers
Skirt: Lazybones
Shirt: Lazybones
Cardigan: Just Jeans


The Sheer Floral are a very nice option to have when you have to wear compression stockings. And as a special occasion stocking a great option. Not so much for day-to-day wear. They definitely don't look like medical grade compression stockings.

My main issue would be that as a long, thin-legged woman neither pair felt long enough, and the firmer Opaque Diamond, were definitely not long enough for me. Having rechecked the sizing guidelines going up a size would not have solved this problem and would have ended with less compression and only slightly greater length. And a wider thigh measurement would mean they would both be round my ankles by the end of the day.

You will feel that you are wearing compression stockings.

They only go up to a moderate compression of 20-30mmHg. Though in fairness this is not uncommon. Only a few brands offer higher strength compression with any sense of fashion. And over 40mmHg I have been unable to find any brands that offer options outside stock standard colours.

Overall, for their price point $59US, they are a very reasonable mid-range option, especially if you have regular or shorter legs. And I would recommend the Sheer Floral option as a really pretty moderate compression stocking.

Update: I have now had multiple messages from fellow patients who also found these too short, in both the thigh high and full pantyhose version. So it would seem they really are only for the average height or shorter fashionista. Pity as they are quite pretty and we longer-limbed lasses deserve the same fashion options too!

Further reading:

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Now to rest up and then start my hunt for a decent garter belt.


Next week I'll review a pair from the Allegro brand.

A little ditty from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack in honour of my flowery compression stockings.

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  1. You make compression hose look awesome and love the photobombing dog!

    1. Freyja is shocker when it comes to the camera. I just give up now and resign myself that she'll be in there all the time.

  2. They are gorgeous... i like the look of the diamond's, but if they are short on you, they'd be knee highs on this big bird! Good review and excellent information. Thanks Michelle!

    1. I like them too, Rach. I was disappointed with the length, especially the diamond version. The Juzo range seem to be comfortably long enough for my legs if you do want some for your sky high pins. It was nice to have the floral ones stay up okay as I haven't seen anything like them in any other brand in that compression level.

      I know we can often send them back if not happy, but the turn-around time being in the Southern Hemisphere and the hassle, suck. Plus the disappointment when you (okay maybe just me) get so excited about getting them.

  3. I nominate you to be the face/bode of those of us who spend most of our time supine and still rock it.... we shall call you the LAYMATE OF THE MONTH. Your likes are: red shoes, IV saline, gardens and Great Danes. Dislikes...long walks on the beach, stairs,smart ass docs,any thing vertical, etc... humor: don't leave home without it.

    1. You may have just qualified for best comment ever, Judy! Snort laughed all over the place :)

    2. thank you, glad you snort laughed..they are the best. I attempt to meet my dysautonomia with humor.. I also have a blog about life with POTS/Fibro if you would like to visit my site. Hang in there girl.....

  4. I bought my first pair of compression stockings from Rejuvaheath after reading one of your previous posts on them, was excited to have a pair of stockings that were coloured and helped keep me standing up (being 19 I don't want boring "granny stockings) . Was disappointed when the "stay up" band in the stocking (being thigh high stockings) only worked for one day at best, if I wanted to wear them for more than one day I'd have to pop to the ladies every hour to pull them back up
    I purchased a semi expensive garter to help hold them up (because I'm certainly not washing my stockings every day) but the clip mechanism doesn't hold the stockings because of the "stay up" band, which is frustrating.
    Keep plodding along lovely lady, and loving each day your body decides to be nice, you give many of us the insight -and comfort that we're not alone- that many of us lack :)


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