Friday 23 May 2014

This week I rocked because..... Episode 8

Okay so it's been a while. Life, illness, and the like all got in the way of maintaining a regular segment on the blog. But I feel like now really is the time to bring it back. With my health still swirling around the drain and the current political discourse in our country, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with a wave of ennui, or frustrated, murderous rage, that is thwarted by your body of patheticness (used to be just 'arms of patheticness' but as it's spread I think the use of 'body' is far more apt).

Regular blog readers or FB followers will know that my health is, well...really there are no nice words to describe it of late. The fact that Mr Grumpy forced me (literally drove me into the carpark to make the appointment not telling me what he had planned) to go try out a powered wheelchair, suggest he may have seen through my carefully concealed decline. So it is time to focus on some of the small victories that have been swamped by the blargh.

Despite the decrptitude, I have had some highlights where I pulled a rock star performance from my nether regions to shine for an hour or three.

This week I rocked because....
  • I baked bread from scratch. Spelt, walnut and oat. Yum. Sure there was payback, but the smell of that loaf baking in the oven was worth every minute of ugh.
  • I managed a 2 blog posts. When I've had days doing more mouth breathing than conscious though this past week, that's worthy of excitement.
  • I tidied my bedside table. All my pills are in their boxes. The empty packets in the bin. The 78 hair bands back in the bathroom draw. Even my puke bag is neatly compacted on the table. 
  • I have managed my lawn laps 3 days in a row. Admittedly there were stops. Half way through I may have thought I was a crazy woman for trying to make my limbs move whilst swallowing down mini-voms. But I did it. 
  • I have made myself go out and look at the sunset. To just appreciate the beauty of the sky. Looking up is kinda nice. 
So tell me, how have you rocked this week?
  • Feel free to share with anyone else who you think may benefit from recognising and celebrating, just how much they've rocked this past week.
Michelle :)

Sing it Pharrell!

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  1. I rocked last weekend as I managed two days pottering in the garden. When I say pottering I sat on my arse or bum shuffled between the plant pots I was cleaning. This is the first time I had been able to do anything like this since Christmas. The downside was I got bitten by a wee beastie on my knee cap and I've ended up with cellulitis and I'm now taking antibiotics the size of horse pills! Despite the infection I still rocked it! Love the post Michelle xx

    1. Bum shuffling and gardening is definitely a rockstar performance xx

  2. I rocked this week because I got my inside voice OUT. I copped flak for it and I didn't even cry!
    I rocked this week because I got back into our laundry schedule after a week in hospital threw it out.
    I rocked this week because I accepted help on multiple occasions without turning it into a cringeing, shameful thing... I just said a genuine thank you.
    Michelle, thanks for this opportunity. You rock.

    1. Amazing Rachel. Accepting help without cringing is a huge step. I know I'm not there yet. And to the naysayers I send a big fat raspberry. xx


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