Saturday 24 May 2014

These boots were made for walking, unless you have Dysautonomia and require a wheelchair, in which case these boots were made for rolling!

"You were't doing anything important were you? No. 
Okay I'll just sniff and try to lick your face then"

After the massive expenditure of spoons yesterday to simply get to the shoe store I thought it only fitting that I dedicate a post to the boots I purchased. I pulled myself together and put on some reasonable clothes, grabbed the boots, and convinced Mr Grumpy to take some photos. I may have forgotten until back inside that I had left my lipstick on the bathroom sink and not put any on my actual lips. And the earrings I was going to wear were next to the lipstick. But hey you get that. 

Trying to get photos was somewhat hampered by a photo bombing Great Dane by the name of Freyja. She has a sixth sense for the camera. Plus standing was out of the question today, so all shots were sitting. 

"Why don't I just lie my head on your legs."

"Oh you were taking photos. Let me sit in front."

I have been looking for a pair of green boots like these for ages. 
Pretty flat so I can walk a bit with my cane.
And they look quite groovy with my compression stockings.

And, after the effort of getting them on, really quite comfortable.

The change over was exhausting. 
Who's mad idea was it to get dressed and try on two pairs of boots? 
Who forgot they had weak hands with no fine motor skills? 
Why that'd be me. 
Half and hour later they were on.

"Don't mind me I'll just lie down in front" 

It's only in photos that I realise how big she is. 
When you live with a Great Dane every day they just look normal size. 

This pair have a wedge heel. I can walk slowly in them with assistance, 
but they are more for when I am in my chair so not walking.
I may also be starting to fad a little by now. 

Groovy stockings and cute grey ankle boots for the win!

I do like the pattern on the toe.

Oh and a cute necklace with robins. 
Remembered that, if not the earrings. 

Top: Lazybones. Can't recall price as a while ago.
Skirt: Rivers AU$10
Stockings: Juzo Soft tie-dye in Scarlet, Thigh High 20-30mmHg AU$90+
Flat-heel lace-up khaki boots: Rivers AU$25
Wedge-heel dove grey ankle boots: Rivers AU$25
Necklace: Rare Rabbit Gift.

Done. Now for a nanna nap/coma sleep. And dreams of pretty boots!

Michelle :)

Remember to head on over here to donate to my Clicking My Heels For Dysautonomia, raising money for the Greg Page Fund for Orthostatic Intolerance and Dysautonomia research, at The Baker IDI. Thanks to the generosity of many we've already raised over $2,000, keep donating and hopefully we can reach $10,000.


  1. I love them, both of them! And you rocked that photo shoot. Who needs lips and earrings when you have an accessory like Freya?

  2. LOVE the Freya PhotoBombs! She looks so PLANNED, lol! Hats off to the photographer for helping set it up so nicely!

    1. I swear she senses the camera and plops herself in front every time!

  3. You look super funky. So fun getting new clothes and so glad for you that you did it. Great photo shoot and gorgeous model (oh you too Freya!)

    1. Must admit they are my go to pair of stockings when I want to feel a bit cheery.

  4. Okay, you look totally AMAZEBALLS. I adore those tie dye stockings, especially with those green boots. Looks like something I'd wear, if I actually wore cute stuff these days and not huge man-shirts because, ugh, clothes. (Hurts too much on the skin.) Seriously, right up my style alley! And they look great with the skirt and top. You look so adorable! How does Mr. Grumpy keep his hands off of you? Obviously Freyja can't. Well… her tongue, anyway… And yes. I love the pattern on the toes of those grey boots. Too cute. Glad you got some new things to boost your mood, and that you had a fun (er, well, what was SUPPOSED to be fun) outing!

    1. Thanks Cassandra. It's nice to frock up every now and then, although effort involved often stops me. But if you're going to do it, you need some groovy stocking and fabulous shoes!

  5. Fabulous boots! They're funky and hip, but also channel a strikingly vintage vibe that makes me think of the female explorers, adventurers, and mountaineers of the early 20th century. I would devote many a precious spoon to tracking down a pair like that, too. :)

    Tons of gentle hugs & happy Wednesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love those boots but unfortunately the side zip died on me already. So peeved. After looking so long and being so excited when I spotted them I'm not happy. Being on sale at the time I can't even take them back. So now to find a cobbler to try and fit them :(


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