Tuesday 25 January 2011

The View From My Couch: Unexpected Notes.

Sometimes the smallest things can make your day.  This is a note I received from one of my nieces, Lara.  It's so sweet that a 6-year-old would even notice I am sick, let alone take the time to make me a card.  I love it. 

Michelle :) 


  1. That's the best "Get Well" card ever!

  2. Little ones are so precious, she soundsl like a sweetie!

  3. Awww. That is sweet. Give her 10 years, or so, it'll be like "Auntie Who". ;)

  4. Michele - she is a sweetie. Don't get to see her or her siblings often as they live in another town, so it was sweet of her to think of me.

    Katiecrackernuts - I know. I have a 16 yr old and almost 13 yr old, I already only exist if they need something! So I'll treasure this.

  5. But....

    ... "you don't look sick", so how would she know? :p

  6. Mr Grumpy - you are such a funny funny man honey ;)

  7. Michelle,

    That is really sweet! :)


  8. I can't help but notice your ankles look positively dainty in that drawing. Well done, Lara.

  9. Sex Drugs and Bacon Sandwiches - tis rather fab :)

    Jeanne - she is a sweetie.

    Elly Lou - Her artistic skills have ensured that she is now my favourite :)

  10. aww I love getting pictures like that from my little nephew :) the best art ever!! I just got one the other day of a house, and two stick figures. He told me it was him and me playing in my new apartment lol. gotta love when the little sweeties are thinking of us :)

  11. I loved getting this sort of thing from my niece when she was little. Looks like Lara drew an attractive beard on you along with the dainty ankles!

  12. Sweeet!! Just dropped by after seeing your reply to MagnetoBoldToos resistance to taking pills! I'd like her to just take 'em until her head clears, but... I've known too many like her! I'm taking my unheard-of since Christ had the croup monster dose and have managed to finish my postgrad degree and I manage to get up in the mornings without a pause. It works for me and I wonder why some people don't just give it a go. But having a psych background also, I know you can't just tell them.

  13. Bibliotekaren - I know it is a lovely beard. Which reminds me I may be due for a bit of bleaching LOL

    Murfomurf - it's a tricky one and when you've been on both sides of the desk you know where she's coming from. Can only wish her well and provide what support you can. She's definitely in my thoughts.

  14. Made your day I don't dout it. Behind in my bloggy reading it made my day too. I rather like the freudian slip and the hop! She not only hopes you feel better soon - you will be hopping. I love it. Is it something about being in one's forties that makes me soppy for the second time this evening I have had a little tear in my eye at the sheer lovliness of it.

    Just because I am not here around and about so often in the blogosphere does not mean you are not in my thoughts. So could I add my sentiments to the young lady in question please. If I drew a card mine would look similar as drawing is definitely not a skill I possess.

    Having one of those moments where I wish you lived down the road.

  15. Don't you think children are much closer to heaven than adults? Lara has proved that. How else could she be so in tune with how you feel?
    Makes my heart smile. :)

  16. Lucy (Costochondritis/Celiac Chick)21 February 2011 at 01:59

    Soooo...I'm a little late in this, but that's the best card EVER! That melted me...PS- I don't know how to delete the () on my name and I'm too lazy to figure it out. PPS- random, but I'm so glad you have a FB page so I can now stalk you on facebook. ;)

  17. Lucy (Costochondritis/Celiac Chick)21 February 2011 at 13:58

    Now I feel like an dork...I totally did delete the extra parenthesis that I thought I'd seared forever in my name. Please just ignore me. ;)

  18. Achelois - I teared up too, I'm becoming a big softy in my old age as well :) We definitely need to have a shot of that tequila whilst sitting on a front porch somewhere. You are in my thoughts too my antipodean friend.

    Diana - makes my heart smile too ;)

    Lucy - you always make me giggle :)


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