Saturday 12 February 2011

We can rebuild him.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been a tad slack on the blogging front of late.  Whilst most of that has been due to general apathy and a decided lack of work ethic, most of it has been due to the demise of my beloved laptop.  He has had many ups and downs over the last few year, but things have taken a turn for the worst.  Mr Grumpy feels he may be able to resuscitate him and new parts have been ordered from the Hong Kong Univeristy Laptop Hospital.  So I am anxiously waiting, crossing various body parts and downing a wine or two to ease my nerves, all in the hope that he may be cured.

At present he sits in pieces on the table in my loungeroom, collecting dust and dog hair.  I can't even take a photo and put it on, as I am stuck using eldest monkey boy's computer and am too scared to touch the manky socks, fetid underwear and musty cricket box that cover the hardrive.  I am reduced to reappropraiting someone elses photo of a deceased lap top that looks remarkably like my own (though thankfully I don't have the classic tartin teenage boy doona cover).

Given that the monkey boy's bedroom carries the odour of sweat, liquidising food, fart and other personal activities that tend to overly occupy the mind of a highly hormal teenage boy, I am loathe to enter unless it's a matter of life or death.  Add in that I have been feeling like death only slightly warmed up, and blogging has not exactly been up ther on my to do list.

So things may be a little quiet here until either Mr Grumpy does his House impersonaltion and Hal has been cured, or in the event of his demise, I can persuade him that a new lap top is necessary to my very survival, or at least sanity.

Please say a special prayer to the God of laptops that he may soon be restored to health. 

The very worried  Michelle :)


  1. nnooooooo mr grumpy needs to get you a fresh new one!!!

  2. Since I believe my God is the God of everything, he must be the God of laptops as well, I'll be praying your computer is restored to health. Missed your blog my friend!

  3. no, a potsie without a laptop, like, you know what im going to say, salt without pepper i cant think of anything sophisticated, did i even spell that word right!

    feeling pretty unwell at present too, they have sent my notes to a clinical scientist, who has an interest in pots, do you think he will help? we shall see. hope you feel a tad better soon. emxxx

  4. I told my mr grumpy that I NEED a new laptop and he looked at me with that 'look' which I guess means No. Then said ask your parents, f;ing hell I am 46. Actually they have subsequently offered but i loathe the process. I am ungrateful I know but why not just tell me how much they want to spend ask me which one I would like and work it out from there. No no no, I will not return to my teenage years, the bargaining the yuck of it all with them etc...

    What I meant to say is I am so sorry you can't blog both for broken laptop reasons and stupid autonomic health reasons.

    I haven't ever really worked out who my God is yet. Can you guess I have just watched eat,pray,love on dvd (can't really do cinema for boring reasons) prone on bed is better apart from OH's snoring. Having mentioned OH's snoring in various internety places in last half hour have realised its seriously pissing me off.

    Anyhow God of laptops needs to come do miracles here too but as God's are supposed to be everywhere and nowhere my guess is that should be easy.

    So if your miracle happens before mine Michelle, I will be a little green eyed monster. For which no doubt i will receive retribution....

    Its good that us bloggy people can think of each other across continents in the way we do. Perhaps the www is the new God. Ouch, that was very cynical and in no way meant to offend anyone but myself.

    Its frustrating Michelle I think when one sets up a blog to blog about a crap health condition then one feels too crap to blog because of it. Then laptops go wrong.

    Anyway everything is OH's fault because he snores so *&^%$%^&**&^%$ much.

    Thinking of you too.

  5. Tell him it would be the best valentine ever. And that it should have a tiara, too. And lots of Crowded House on vinyl.

    We miss you. But then again, we've always had bad aim.

  6. Thanks all. All hail Mr Grumpy. Well he has been rebuilt and sort of works. Well enough to blog on occasion and enough to cut my swearing down to about 10mins each log on. I only have sound with headphones and only intermittent connection to the internet but hey that's still better than having to sit in monkey boys room. And Elly that tiara would really set off my sparkly pink feather boa, shall now go inform Mr Grumpy of my desperate need for diamentes.


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