Wednesday 5 January 2011

The View From My Couch: Heels of Happiness

At first glance this picture doesn't scream happiness or beauty.  My legs and feet could easily play the part of Jane Doe No.1 on CSI, with their sexy shades of deathly, bloated purple.  But for me it's beautiful. For me it is a reminder that every now and then I can be normal(ish).  Every now and then, I can give Bob the middle finger, and live life on my terms, if only for a few hours.

I recently went to a family wedding.  Those who read my ramblings on Facebook will be aware of my determination to wear heels to the wedding.  It's been four long years since I have been able to wear heels.  When you have Bob standing is not your friend.  Your balance is non-existent.  Even the tiniest heels are akin to walking on stilts. So really, on reflection, deciding to wear heels may not have been the sharpest choice I have made in life.

I practiced for days around my house.  Heels with my pjs.  Heels with my shorts.  Heels when I was sitting down or lying on the floor.  I watched my bloated purple feet squeeze out through the holes in the shoes as I did the elegant zombie shuffle whilst furniture surfing around the house.  I decided that regardless of the risk of snapping an ankle or flashing the bridal party with my undies when I inevitably went arse up, I was wearing heels.  (Thank you to all, including the bride to be, who suggested I wear my best undies, just in case.  Rest assured I grabbed out my 'special occasion' undies just for the day).  Over the next few days I improved from 'unco zombie' to 'drunken celebrity It girl walking down imaginary steps'.   I was proud.

Despite a pulse pressure that dropped down to single digits, days in bed, and visitors, I managed to gussy myself up and put on those heels and head to the wedding.  I managed to find enough chairs and luckily have a husband for whom holding me up is second nature, so I didn't flash my undies to anyone.   I walked/shuffled around the event, with no one else any the wiser to my weirdness.  I may have paid for it big time for the following few days and may not wear heels again for another four years, but I was normal for a few hours and that is precious.  Those mottled, bloated and aching legs and feet, squished into that sexy pair of heels are beautiful to me. 

Michelle :)


  1. I'm pretty bad in my flip flops let alone heals lol. I'm glad you got to wear em out besides the nice color palate our legs and feet like to turn. We need to be able to gussy up and feel like women every now and again!

  2. Bravo! Our daughter Ashley, who has "Bob" was a bridesmaid at a wedding last summer. It was an outdoor wedding and happened to be the hottest day of the summer. OMG! Her legs were completely purple and the standing combined with the heat made it unbearable. I really thought she was going to drop.
    I'm so glad you got to wear your sexy heels and feel good! Life with a chronic illness helps us appreciate sweet victories.

  3. oh my, my legs look just the same hue. glad you had a great time, all the effort of stumbling around your house paid off. xxxx

  4. You make me want to sing. Heels are a possibility. *slurp*

  5. I had a very similar situation in Oct. A good friend of mine was getting married and I decided to look healthy, if only for a few hours. I wore my favorite heals and a dress (that NEVER happens, I'm not a dress wearing sort of gal). Luckily I brought flats for the reception. I don't think I would have been able to walk to the car without them. Aren't husbands great to lean on? Mine is getting used to being used as a cane/crutch as well.
    I'm glad you could enjoy being "healthy", or at least looking that way, for a few hours. We have to do that every now and then. :)

  6. Brings a whole new meaning to 'Lean on me, when I'm not strong.... should have the slight additional verse that goes...'Lean on me, when I'm not strong, 'specially when I've got my sexy heels on..... da di dum di da....


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