Tuesday 2 February 2010

Frankie Says Relax: 12 More Pages Guest Post

Guest Posting on 12 More Pages this week. Head on over for the full article on progressive muscle relaxation. Don't forget to check out the other information on Dysautonomia.

Remember the sagacious words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood in their iconic song “Relax”. OK so the connotation is not quite the same, (wow I was so innocent back then. I thought they just wanted us to sit back and smell the roses. I couldn't understand why my mum wouldn't let me get the record), and I am so showing my age, but I loved those t-shirts with their pithy message. Obviously after my last blog (“Serenity Now”) everyone will now be living Frankie's dream of relaxation and have achieved their personal Nirvana. Life is bound to be filled with lolly pops, kittens and an unlimited supply of dark chocolate just when it's at that not quite solid not quite liquid, level of gooey goodness (well the later may be my own personal idea of bliss, but you can insert your own blissful fantasy). We have all learnt to breathe our way to serenity, and that my friends, is an award worthy achievement when you live in a permanent brain fog. Now just in case any one is still having difficulty finding their bliss, here is an alternative, or addition as the case may be, you can have up your sleeve for the days when your serenity begins to slip.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

I like progressive muscle relaxation as it's yet another reason to commune with my couch. I never realised they had memory foam back in the early 90s when we bought it, but that perfect mould is there to welcome me each morning. At its most basic, Progressive Muscle Relation simply involves the slow and progressive tensing and releasing of muscles. Most commonly it begins at the head and works down to the toes, but this can vary. If you have a bad back, neck etc you may want to double check with your doctor about doing some of the movements. I know it's obvious but after the MacDonald's Hot Coffee Litigation I just have to add, if it hurts STOP! Also peanut butter may contain peanuts, and milk may contain dairy products (I love today's product warnings). Now you may also be concerned that you will look a little bit mad, especially doing the facial exercises, but this is the price we pay for bliss. Just remember not to hold it too long or the wind may change!

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  1. i remember those v.tops/t.shirts. with wide arms holes, allsorted colours ala george michael. (i had a wham vest top) my heads not right today so i will shut up now! before i admit to anything else.xxx

  2. hi Rusty,

    I just clicked on your link and went over to 12 more pages, but I could only find your introduction to the relaxation, not the relaxation instructions themselves.

    Is this just porridgebrain-itus on my part, or are they not there?!


  3. Em - It's ok. The first step is to admit you have a problem LOL. I already admitted I loved my t-shirts and as I have previously revealed wanted to marry George Michael thanks to my defective teenage gaydar.

    Emma - That damn porridge sneaks in whilst you are sleeping. It's there. Just use the little pink button on the side of the writing to go up and down.


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