Tuesday 8 April 2014

When the walls come tumbling down.

When the walls come tumbling down
Will you be smothered under the deluge of brick and mortar
Will you be crushed by the weight
Will you give control to sharp edges and pressing pain
Will you lie unresisting
The breath leave your lungs
And the strength your limbs
Will you plead for release
For the rubble to hear you
To beg for it to move.


Will you recognise the strength that flows within
Will you see that it is not a thing of flesh and bone
Will you see that your body is not you
Will you see that worth and strength are found in all
That the form of strength is not what you expect
That you can fight and resist
Even when the flesh you wear fails.

Will you find the crack
The shaft of light through the rubble overhead
Will you claw your way toward that light
Toward life.

Life different
Life changed
Life that will never be the same
Life that leads us in different paths
Life unlike any other
But life all the same.

Strength is there
It may hide
It may shy away
It may seem lost forever
But the search is worth the effort

It may start small
A rock, rough and dull
But it can be polished
Edges smoothed
Wash it clean
And as the dirt falls away
As the first hints appear
It draws you in with it's promise
And the rubble is seen for what it is

An illusion
A lie
For strength was always there
It only needs to be found.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I needed to read this today.

    1. So glad you liked it Bethany and that it was what you needed today. Hope your day starts to look up soon xx


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