Monday 29 July 2013

And the winner of the Lazybones giveaway is......

Okay, so I may make even the simple things in life a production. I could just write some names on a couple of plain pieces of paper and close my eyes and pick one, but where is the fun, or more importantly, the pizzazz, in that. 

Instead, I chose the crafty route, complete with Thor involvement. Even surgery and constant pain are no impediment to making this little draw an event. That's what Panadeine is for! Go big or go home, that's my motto. And if you can involve feathers, pretty paper, and the world's most gorgeous Great Dane, why not. 

Unplanned, I did just realise that the dress and cardigan I am wearing are also from Lazybones. Told you I love their gear. I blame my wild hair on not being able to lift my arms to brush it yet. Really you should be impressed that I am out of my pjs and have managed a shower. That's a feat and a half at this point.

Getting my craft on.

See world's most gorgeous, and patient, Great Dane in the world. His sister in the background on the other hand, is like the Loony Tunes, Tasmanian Devil and was not allowed to participate.

He may have been a bit reluctant to give up the winning entry.

Congratulations Kendall!!!

I'll be contacting you to organise your size and delivery. I hope you enjoy your lovely Lazybones pjs.

Thanks to everyone who entered the draw for the Lazybones giveaway. And thank you for supporting the blog. It's the readers and the community over on Facebook that keep me motivated to keep slogging away at the keyboard. I really appreciate all the well wishes, prayers and good luck messages that I have received both before and after my surgery. It seems that Jeri (my pacemaker) is working a treat and excluding the post-surgery malarky, I feel better than I have in months. Amazing what having your heart beat can do. 

And a big thanks to the fabulous and friendly team at Lazybones for sponsoring my blog's 4th birthday giveaway, and making sure I was the most comfortable and fashionable patient on the ward. Thank You xx

Michelle :)

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