Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thwack! Swoosh! Kapow!

Damn I hate that. You're going along happily. Not feeling great, but not feeling too bad either. Then....
Down for the count. Fickle bastard that Bob is, he decided yesterday was the day to really stick the boot in. It's not particularly hot today, despite being Summer here in Australia. I haven't been out and about. I haven't even attempted to dispel the dust bunnies procreating throughout my house. Yet here I am knackered again.

The only thing I can think of as even a slight possibility, is that I pulled out my huge 500gm weights in a fit of pique and dared to lift them above my head for a nanosecond. Technically I'm still banned from exercise until I can gain some of my weight back. But as that hasn't happened since my big loss in August, I put on my stubborn, "Screw you Bob" hat, and busted out my imaginary leotard. Sadly, it appears that this is not the most helpful strategy for dealing with a chronic and spiteful disorder. Perhaps I should listen to my physio and my doctors. Perhaps Mr Grumpy is justified in calling me a 'dumbarse'. Perhaps. Or perhaps Mr Grumpy will wake up with one less eyebrow tomorrow morning. You just never know.

I've also had increasing pain in my left leg and a rather sexy limp. According to my GP who berated me, and gave me the "I'm so disappointed" look, you should see a medical professional when this happens. Who knew? Not stubborn me. How do you pick which pain is important when you are in pain every day? So now it's scans, scans and more scans. Monday I get a dose of radiation and a full day of scanning. Can't wait. I'm wondering if I should break out my cape just in case I develop any super powers on the day.

So I'll sit/lie/flop on the couch and resist the temptation to lift my head, which apparently is a great way to make the world turn a various shades of grey. I may even sit and stare at the computer screen, fingers flopped on the keyboard for 10 minutes trying to form a sentence. Lights are on but nobody's home. Well except for Bob. And his friends, nausea, weakness, headache, tachycardia, chest pain.........

Bugger it. I might just get my minions to ply me with chocolate (if you're going to feel sick no matter what you eat you might as well have something yum), scoff some pain meds and watch mindless TV. 

Michelle :)

PS. Still getting through the emails for The Dorothy Shoe Project. It's been one of those weeks, so I am rather behind. I do apologise and will get onto them soon. I've had few questions pop up. So just to clarify. 
  • ALL the shoes will start the journey here in Melbourne, Australia and be posted out around the world to various countries. 
  • A diary will be accompanying each pair of shoes so everyone can write about their individual day.
  • When the shoes have finished their various travels, they'll all come back to Australia with their corresponding diaries. 
  • Diaries will be scanned and put on the website.
  • The plan is to then auction off each pair of shoes to raise funds for Dysautonomia research. 
I think that covers the main questions, though as my brain has officially left the building today I may have missed some. 

One of my favourites, the wonderful Etta James passed away today so I think it's only appropriate to celebrate her in my musical interlude. Although, At Last is perhaps the song she is best known for, this is my favourite.


  1. i've been radioactive 3 times now; no super powers yet. Unless we're counting the ability to always be able to pee on command? Or maybe the one that involves fainting at the most inopportune moments?

    Crap super powers if you ask me. i want a do-over. In the meantime, you wear that cape. And i don't think a magical lasso or somesuch would be overkill, either...

    1. Those are crap super powers. I do hope I get something better. Maybe the ability to not pick the punnet of strawberries with the mutant mouldy one tucked sneakily out of sight. Hmmm, magical lasso, I like that. I'm pretty sure I even have some cool gold cuffs from my 80s African tribal stage (don't ask).

  2. Feeling extra-crappy myself--wearily considering the dust bunnies from one's spot on the sofa--oh yeah, I hear that!

    The good news/bad news is the tremors I have now. Bad news for obvious reasons. Good news because doctors take those more seriously than pain, weakness, brain fog, light-headedness, etc. [insert feeble "hooray" here]

    My G.I. issues actually improved greatly when I gave up red meat, butter, most saturated fat. I didn't think it mattered because I'm skinny and my cholesterol and etc. are fine. But it made a huge difference for me. Now and then I manage to figure out some way to tweak my life that helps the symptoms. But it's one step forward, two steps back.

    The superpower I want most lately is the ability to get these chucklehead doctors to take me seriously. I'm not hysterical, damnit. Grrr.

    Sense of humor still intact though. Excelsior! Heeheehee!

  3. hope you pick up a little michelle. im normally bumbling along, yep feeling unwell everyday, then pow something happens and im down there, wishing i could feel my normal amount of crap instead of this new state. take care. xxx


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