Monday 21 November 2011

ABC Ramp Up Article

Well my response to the NYT's article was accepted for ABC Ramp Up today. A wee bit chuffed (I don't think I've ever been anyone's Editor's Choice before), and nauseous, and the vein on my temple may be pulsing, but mostly chuffed. I think. Ask me in a few days. Too much caffeine induced anxiety today, thanks to two kiddy specialist appointments. Argh.

It's pretty much the same post, but a bit less rambly and wordy. 515 less wordy in fact. Good lord it's hard losing 500 words. I recommend the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and copious amounts of Lindt before attempting such tasks.

You can read the new smooth, shiny, way more mature, article here.

It's been a bit of a highlight on a really shitty week which included one of my dogs having a mental breakdown and being put on antidepressant medications. Trying to manhandle 60kg of bat shit crazy Great Dane into a car and at the vets is about as much fun as a rectal probe. But we made it through without too many new grey hairs and minus me passing out in her wee on the vets floor. Bonus. Though she did sit on my lap and pee on me, which pretty much summed up the last week.

To top it off my bowel of discontent, has mounted a well-organised resistance movement (HA! 'movement', I even amaze myself with my hilarity) against the H1s and H2s that I was so excited about. Luckily I'm off to see Gastro Guy on Wednesday, so hopefully he'll have something new in his arsenal with which to tackle the problem. Fun times. Fun. Fun. times.

So on that bright note I leave you with this highly appropriate and helpful book that I found today.

Toilet Yoga because sometimes sh*t doesn't happen.

"The book con­tains 15 ‘poses’ that work in var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions and loca­tions. The guide walks you through the move­ments so you can walk through yours (or sit). Depend­ing on your skill level, you may choose to start at a 1 bowl on our rat­ing scale, or if you’re feel­ing adven­tur­ous, move up to a 3 or 4 bowl move. As you progress through our teach­ings, you’ll be con­fi­dent that you can safely han­dle a 5 bowl maneu­ver".

Love it!

From an article on a national news disability website, to pooing with yoga. I like to think I provide a little bit of something for everyone.

Michelle :)
After this week this seems somehow appropriate.

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  1. Brava!! Your tone is perfect.

    If I may speak for myself and many of my fellow Bobbites, we'd give you a standing ovation if not for the risk of passing out in a crumpled heap on the floor.

  2. Yay for you! Very mature. And shiny. =)

  3. Amy - Thanks babe. Maybe a standing ovation surrounded by pillows? :)

    Trucking - Thanks, I like bright shiny objects ;)

  4. Congratulations on the acceptance. If it helps our rescue staffie is on steroids and antibiotics. Try being me and holding down a staffie at the vets who has just got out of a vets dog muzzle and collar and who wants to sit on my lap to be cuddled in fear (not to savage the vet by the way) whilst I am already on the floor, because the vet wants to get a swab from deep inside his eardrum. Swab didn't happen by the way. Daughter like you has return of the bowel trauma, waiting until January now to see the neurogastroentroenterologist (sp?)with a special interest in EDS in London. So if it helps and I expect it won't but I want it to you are not alone.
    Toilet yoga - and there was me thinking everyone sat on the loo like that......

  5. How have I not found you before this? I'm so grateful to Katie at for sharing a link to your op-ed piece, which was totally brilliant, btw!

    And oh, that book looks like something I just have to have! :)

  6. great piece michelle, so pleased your out there sticking up for us potsies. gave me some confidence to know more about my body, then some of the drs, which i know i do yet some drs can baffle you with dr talk and you think they know better!!! take care. oh ive been pracitsing toliet yoga for years and never knew it! x

  7. Very eloquently stated. I'm so glad it's out there for the world to see!

    You're exactly right about the take-away from the NYT article would be, "these people are sick; but they need to have a positive attitude." Less sophisticated readers might well conclude it is all in our heads.

  8. Achelois - I don't know how you do the staffy thing at the vets. If my eldest didn't come along to control Freyja we couldn't have gone. Sorry your daughter is goign down the d=same gastro path. It sucks mightily.

    Aviva - welcome and thanks for commenting. I think everyone needs a book that rates poses by 'bowls'. :)

  9. Em - HA! go toilet yoga. Thanks for the feedback on the piece. I think there are some great docs out there, but they are outweighed by a lot who think they know about Bob but sadly really don't.

    Yvette - thanks Yvette. I've had mostly positive feedback to the article so I hope it helps in some way. Understanding how people process this type of information should hopefully mean we can get some better info out there. Hope your most recent health issues are starting to settle and you are getting some relief. :)

  10. I definitely reposted your article for all my friends to read. <3


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