Saturday 8 October 2011

Because somedays, it's all about Plastic Bertrand

Well my plans for normal have gone a bit awry.  Bob and my stomach have ganged up to bitch slap me back into submission.  And once more my world consists of pjs, pillows and white tiled ensuites.  Crazy plans of normal have been replaced by harried trips to pharmacies, bulk purchases of air freshener, and, an apparently infinite, bowel of despair.

Times like these, only Plastic Bertrand can truly explain how I feel. (le sigh)



  1. Oh michelle I am so sorry. My daugher is having similar issues at present although not so severe. Its not fair when one is only 21. I know this is probably not the done thing, but I have found one way to keep food inside for a while at least is Zomorph. I have put Zomorph so that people don't freak at its real name. Its just easier that way. Gentle hugs and bloody hell woman you are costing me a fortune in candles.
    With regard to the song, I got sent on a student exchange trip to France in my very early teens. They were supposed to match the families. Umm, I ended up in a very odd set up indeed, where I spent most of my time trying not to be accosted by the teenage brother in the family. He would play above song over and over and I frankly cannot listen to it without re-visiting the experience. I am proud to say, I returned with most of my dignity intact but much educated in the ways of the French male (retrospectively any testosterone teenage male) My parents sent me to a Convent so I had little knowledge of the male of the species at that tender age. It should have been reported because in reality it was not a safe environment, but how could I explain to my parents that a bit of me was flattered despite the fact that I had to wedge a chair agaisnt the door handle of my bedroom each night! Oddly the following year I was sent to Italy, to spend three weeks with an Italian family we had met on holiday all in the name of widening my horizons, well it did that I must say. Me a teenager, they had two sons, 16 and 18! So to see this Ca Plane Pour Moi jump out of the page at me certainly brought back a few memories!
    How you manage to keep your sense of humour I will never know and thank you for blogging. Because of you days that I am down, force me to keep on going regardless.
    Thinking of you Michelle as ever. Your faithful, bloggy friend. xoxoxoxox

  2. aw michelle, take extra care. so sorry your going through this. such a pain. im hoping the drs can find away round the problem i really do. i had a flare up of stomach symptoms since september, although certainly not as bad as you are having them. extra cuddles from the dogs are needed!. thinking of you. xxxxx

  3. Ach, sorry Ruprecht is being such a pill. Bad Ruprecht!

    Love the soundtrack, though. Too often I listen to music that is more about wallowing than being defiantly cheery. (Though sometimes listening to Warren Zevon's "My Sh*t's F*cked Up" is just the thing, it seems.)

    I have been singing "My Humps" (and giggling at myself) around the house ever since last week's post. Hee hee.

  4. Ruprecht needs a bullet. Sorry this has been such a long fight for you Michelle. I hope you have some extra soft cushy loo paper. Sending some get better vices your way.

    Amy, love that song by Warren, it is quite cathartic really.

  5. oh! I'm really sorry you feel that way.

  6. Achelois - so sorry to hear your daughter is having gastro issues too. It sucks so much and it seems there is little they can do. And OMG on your France experience! I can't believe you had to put up with that. Big hugs to you my bloggy friend. :)

    Em - thanks and yes lots of puppy love is needed. Sorry you are in the same position gastrowise. I am hating how much it is curtailing anything I can do, and forget about leaving the house. We all need a break.

  7. Amy - that's a great song too (here's the link for those who want it Absurdity seems to work well for me when I am down, though a good wallow is required some days :) And Hehehehehehe on "My Humps"!

    Arrythmic - oh yes, I have a whole rainforest of soft tissue. Sorry rainforests, but some days a roll of eco friendly, bleach free, sandpaper just isn't going to cut it. At this point I need loo paper made from angels feathers and perfumed by unicorn farts.

  8. FabGrandma - thanks, it's been a rough few months, but what can you do. ;)

  9. You have to have strength to overcome the pain and problems. Only ten faith that you will be able to overcome it and him accomplish.


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