Friday 6 May 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor XV

With my heath in the proverbial toilet, posting has been a little slack of late.  I do apologise, but simply standing, especially when combined with the tricky act of breathing, has been challenging the last few weeks.

In.  Out. Stay upright.  In. Out.  Stop swaying.  In. Out.  Grab wall.  In.  In. In. Oh shit........

Fun times.

It appears that Bob was feeling a little ignored and he decided to throw a tantrum to get my attention.  It's worked.  All that screaming, foot stamping and dish throwing has been a little hard to ignore.  If only I could lose myself in a tasty bottle of mummies little helper, but alas that is off the cards at the moment.  I am already doing a fair impression of a slurring, staggering drunk, one little sip and I'll be on my ear, or singing Ke$ha songs.

I've been trying to catch up on some of that pesky blog administrative stuff that I always put off.  I've finally gotten around to writing an About page and added a Contact page.  Please let me know what you think.  If it makes sense.  If I look like a loon.  Or have created a grammar and spelling abomination that would make a unicorn cry.

Still working on updating my Dysautonomia Blogs list so if anyone has a blog about Dysautonomia and wants me to add it in please leave your link in the comments. 

In honour of Mother's Day I have re-edited an old post I did for 12 More Pages back in 2009, on combining motherhood and chronic illness.  It's easy to feel guilty as a mum for all the things we can't do for our children but it's time we gave ourselves a break and realise what's important.

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother's day.

Michelle :)

I've been singing this a lot lately.  I'm thinking it would make a good Dear John song for Bob.

Basement Jaxx feat Lisa Kekaula, Good Luck, (2003)

Basement Jaxx - Good Luck on MUZU.



  2. I blog about a lot of things, including dysautonomia, at Oh My Aches and Pains! Love your blog. Found you on Facebook first.

  3. I blog about life including my life with dysautonomia.

  4. Oh Michelle, I think your Bob and my pod people have been communicating and conspiring against us.Im so sorry babe, and I can commiserate completely, as you know my body has been complete shite. Well bob and the pod people better lay off soon cuz dammit its our birthdays soon!!!!! Love you babe, if you hang in there, so will I~
    Come read my blog at

    Here is my blog:

  5. Anon - thanks for that.

    Selena - thanks for the link to your blog

    Museoddity - thanks.

    Cyndi - I think it would be truly cruel if we couldn't have a symptom free birthday. That's just not on and I don't think we should stand/sit for it. Hope you pick up soon. :)

  6. Don't make the unicorns cry!

  7. Those tantrums suck walrus junk. Here's my link for your collection...

  8. here's my blog:
    It's about my life with Dysautonomia and ME/CFS with all the other things that go with them... and learning about gratitude of all things... :)

  9. Aw damn, sounds like things are stressful right now. Eff Bob and his peskiness. Can't we do a seance and banish him forever? Hoping you feel better soon!

  10. Elly Lou - I'll try not too. There's nothing quite so depressing as a sobbing unicorn.

    Potsville - ewwww, walrus junk. I now have bad images in my head.

  11. Neuropoet3 - thanks for that. shall add you to my list. Loads more blogs out there now than when I started, great to see people finding their voice.

    Veg - yeah it's been a wee bit of a shit fight of late. I'm all for a seance or exorcism or whatever. Just as long as I don't end up with a house full of rancid pea soup, because you just know that shit is never coming out of the carpet.

  12. aww hun. I hate seeing you get SO sick. Hopefully when you get to do your shopping spree you'll feel ready to kick some bob butt!

    my blog is


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