Monday 28 March 2011

I will now impress you all

Well I've done it again. Broke out the camera and tried to be coherent for more than one nano second.  Why do I do these things?  Given that fact that Eunice is out on indefinite stress leave, you'd think that my nearest and dearest would intercede on my behalf and remove the camera from my delusional hands.  But no.  I'm starting to think they find the whole thing rather amusing.  Our own familial form of the American Idol auditions where tone deaf fools get up and sing Celine Dion abominations, completely unaware of how truly crap they are. 

Through my filmic endeavours I have discovered that I have a fondness for the word 'crap', that I forget to brush my hair, and that my misbehaving eyes are now accompanied by misbehaving mouth.  I think my next craft project will be to create a dapper tin foil hat to complete the ensemble.  Though I will have to borrow some cats from my neighbours as two dogs don't really give the right vibe.

As my creative endeavours did leave me a little the worse from wear (ie, in excruciating back pain and unable to move from the horizontal) my delightful children brought me a glass of wine and a pink bendy straw.  I am raising them right people.

(love my kids)

Michelle :)

For those who don't know the joy of Faith No More, have you been living under a rock?  Here is Falling to Pieces 1990.  Brings back memories of Year 12 parties in dodgy backyards, a bucket mix of miscellaneous alcohol, and a whole lot of teenage angst.  Good times.


  1. Oh pookie. Screw the cockatoos, will you come live in a birdcage in my house and coo to me in that gorgeous accent of yours? I promise I'll find you good drugs.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain in your back on top of Bob. I live with back and pelvic pain caused by popped discs, nerve damage etc. so I understand. I also understand the love affair with Oxy, as I have the same love affair, without it I wouldn't be able to move at all.

    I do hope your back gets better faster than the doctor has told you!

  3. Dear Michelle,

    I have just discovered your blog and become a follower.

    Because I write my own blog on chronic pain, I take Mondays, if possible, to go blog-hopping and I am so blessed to have found you today via my travels!!

    Your writing style is awesome, and when I read your post that describes 'BOB', I was very happy to see that others had also really 'gotten' it.

    Having ANY type of Invisible Illness is very hard to explain to others. When I hear of anyone else losing family or friends support and love-- because of a friggin Health Issue, it makes me tear up. For I am not alone, and I know that you are not either. It will take these people getting sick themselves in some way for them to be able to understand a bit of what we have been trying to explain to them for so long.

    I have stopped explaining. Unless it is to someone new in my life of course. But those that know me, and still can't (or refuse to) get on board at least having some sympathy, or God forbid, some empathy for the situation, NOT for me, I just don't care to have those people in my life. I am too old, too sure of myself, and too tired to keep on vying for their understanding.

    Keep up the great job and you are in my prayers!!

    I always give---Gentle Hugs----<3
    Shauna :)

  4. Well I am sorry you feel like crap, crap, crap. I feel like crap, crap, crap too.
    We could start a competition, who feels the crappiest,..... perhaps not.

    But I am very vey jealous of your garden. Your children are good, you are right, training them well and I also like the glass.

    I have had so many physiotherapist's say to me, well I have to discharge you, I can't do anything for you. I know my condition is incurable but surely they could keep me going to give them a challenge. Over here, they have MS Clinics, as I think many of my symptoms are so similar I can't think why I couldn't join one of those. They get to see physio's etc. regularly in these clinics, but I guess MS is less rare or maybe there is just no way EDS'ers get to join or something.

    I'm sorry you were left in agony after the video, perhaps next time, drink the wine first, then make the video from indoors lying down. That bloody bird sure is noisy!!!!

  5. Elly Lou - accent? What accent? I promise to coo if you promise to sing me a ukulele lullaby whilst I inhale the good drugs.

  6. Raven/Missy - so sorry you have this joy too. Now if only they could make the good pain meds so they don't also block you up and make you a little crazy, all would be well in the world.

  7. Shauna - thanks so much for stopping by and your lovely comment. It is a hard road to travel and I think unless we share our experiences it's easy to feel overwhelmed and very alone. You're right about trying to get others to 'get it'. It's exhausting and sometimes you have to just let them go and move on. When you have little energy anyway you can't waste it on those who don't want to get it.

  8. Achelois - 'drink the wine first', see this is why I like you so much, you are brilliant. Cockatoos are damn loud and big too. They are a real problem here destroying window frames and the like. They just sit there and strip the wood from everything.

    Long term care is non existent over here too. Luckily we have private insurance (compulsory over 30 here) otherwise I'd have no physio, unfortunately I will well and truly hit my limit well before my therapy is up, but I'll deal with that once I get there. Just over the pain at the moment. You know what it's like, there is the normal day-to-day crap which although painful becomes white noise and then wham you get that acute hit, ugh. I just want to get past that. It may be time to use the word 'crap' again. Wine with bendy straws for both of us! :) PS I've loved your writing lately. I've been shit on commenting but have definitly been reading.

  9. Sorry to hear you are still going through so much... sending warm thoughts your way!

    And I totally remember Faith No More... love that style music!

  10. Brahm - thanks for the warm thoughts they are much appreciated. I still love Faith No More's rockier stuff, but their cover of 'Easy' is one of my all time favourite songs.

  11. Bendy straw: So thoughtful, so elegant!

  12. Piceasitchensis - twas thoughtful. They're not bad kids some days :)

  13. Touching post darling. Keep up your blog!


  14. Dakota Dakota - thanks for your kind words and for dropping by.


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