Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Take the camera away from the crazy woman.

What do you do when you have limited oxygen going to your brain?  Why you grab a camera and make a video  of course.  Yes that's right, I decided I was going to bring out my inner Scorsese and record my insanity.  Hell, if the world can be exposed to the abomination otherwise known as Gigli, I can definitely have a crack at movie making.  So here it is.  I give you an insight into the vagueness, otherwise known as Bob plus two weeks of added pestilence.  Somehow, I don't think Hollywood will be calling anytime soon.

Michelle :)


  1. Wrote a sillilly long comment which thankfully had too many HTML's. Then decided to email which started OK but brain has gone to mashed potatoe (why is there a toe in my potato) so will finish it tomorrow.I hope its ok to email you Michelle. I found the email link on your profile. I am never sure of the etiquette on this aspect of blogging.

    Please can I link this video on my blog?

    Michelle you are not crazy far from it. You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman. A real girl still.

    I want to thank you here for helping me via your video to feel less isolated. Taking the time to make this video must have used many spoons.

    Email is in draft still, pedantic/fuggy/too long!

    The strength of the emotional response your video evoked in me was strong in a good way. Mirroring so much of my experience of invisible disability. Although I just wish you didn't have to feel so sick yourself, for so long now, so often.

    I hope that your video is not only viewed by those with invisible disabilities but those whose ignorance of them serves only to make the experience of those with them worse.

    If you go to my blog, in the very last paragraph I thought of you the other day. Just scroll down because the post in itself is as ever too garbled, written when trying to distract from pain. 'Distraction' don't you know as part of a multi disclplinary approach to pain management is an effective solution to coping with invisible disability. So by that dint, blogging crap does not make me crazy. If distraction is a coping mechanism and I blog to distract from pain, then surely that means blogging is officially medicine. A treatment plan I suppose!

    Your video, should be headline news around the world. Because Michelle, it describes, coherently, intelligently, sensitively and accurately, the reality of living with an invisible disability.

    I am just so sorry you go through all that you do. If I could wave a magic wand I would in your direction to make Bob vanish.


  2. great vid. i think that too, when im really unwell i dont go out so no one sees me ill. they only see me with a happy smile, maybe a pasty face and some squashed eyes on the rare occasion. thats for putting this up.

    hope you pick up soon too.x

  3. Achelois - link away babe, I figure once it's out it's fair game. I'm glad my ramblings helped though I wish you didn't have a reason to relate to it all. If I could wish away your pain and all the crap that goes with it I would.

    Thank you so much for thinking of me on your blog. I'm in the middle of trying to catch up on my reading (brain fog has messed me up to badly to read much) so look forward to reading yours. I am really glad you are blogging again. Missed you but understand why you needed the break. I agree that it's distraction and I know for me it helps me collect my thoughts, work through stuff, dump it/post it and move on. When I started I never thought anyone would read and really it was about a place for me to vent. As far as I'm concerned that's healthy and therapeutic. I look forward to your email. Gentle hugs xxxx

  4. Em - I think we all hide away when we are really ill. It's strange we can look basically okay, maybe tired or pasty, yet be so ill and so disabled. Interesting to see your collagen pics the other day, strange how can something so inoffensive looking cause so many problems. Hope things are okay on your end. :)

  5. It's because you ARE a mad woman! :) I love Australian accents. I could listen to you all day. Can you say, "YOU'RE TERRIBLE MURIEL!"

    Also, those are some exotic sounding birds in the background. Also again, 37? No freaking way. You look fabulous, dahlink!

  6. Veg - next time I'll even do an ABBA tribute just for you. After all I am The Dancing Queen.


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